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Shanghai Disneyland

And there’s HUGE cultural differences in Asia so to lump them all together as one being isn’t really an accurate portrayal of reality.
Shanghai Disneyland....from Disney's 1st quarter (Oct. Nov. Dec. 2018)report ...drop in attendance plus increased costs.....interesting......perhaps the luster is wearing off, or the flattening of the Chinese economy is affecting attendance.

The overall Chinese economy has entered a recession, see Apple and Samsung for example. We're likely next this summer.
The overall Chinese economy has entered a recession, see Apple and Samsung for example. We're likely next this summer.
If we're being particular, the Chinese have been experiencing a slowdown in growth, not a retraction of GDP which is the definition of a recession.

This is starting to look like one of those Walking Dead TV/Movie series....only in real life.....China really needs to shut down all of those markets (the central government has outlawed them but the people, towns and markets pay no attention) selling any creature, to eat, that walks or crawls or flies. These weird pathogens keep popping up from people eating that diseased unregulated dirty disgusting stuff.
They really need to 'permanently' shut down the live wildlife and exotic meat markets . This is the second time it's bit them in the a _ _. When will they learn?
They do. But it's not really possible. The Chinese Gov't isn't interested in developing the infrastructure nationwide that would sustain a controlled food supply chain.
You know, they really built a stunning park there castle bulk aside. Nice to see a semi clear day.
Apparently with so many factories shut down right now due to the Corona Virus the air has cleared up quite a bit.

I’d like to know if this opening is more from China’s pushing or Disney’s. I’d guess China.

Contrast that with HK, who has contained the virus in remarkable fashion; is it HK government or Disney pushing not opening there?

And obviously Shanghai is profitable whereas HK isn’t, so that’s another underlying issue.