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Six Flags Great Adventure

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Dueling Raptor, Six Flags style:


Don't you put that evil on me, Ricky Bobby.

Also CC in Roman Numerals is 200. 200ft?
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I don't really consider anyone else in the region to be competitive with what six flags offers in terms of rides. Even though the service can be poor, the coaster collection has multiple standouts. Hershey has a lot of just ok rides with Skyrush being very much love it or hate it. Kenoebels is the best overall park around though.
El Toro and Nitro are the best rides in the region, but I think I'd take Hershey's overall lineup. Plus it's just a nicer park and operations are way better
I'm just saying what motivates me to go to a park is how good their top rides are. Hershey just doesn't motivate me to go there vs spending my money somewhere else. But I also have flexibility to work around some of the miserable weekend crowds and under staffing of six flags. If I had a family Hershey might be a better option. I'm not completely sure though the last time I was there is was a mess between the terribly organized skip the line system and huge crowds.
After hearing how Wonder Woman and Railblazer both rip and tear, I am fascinated by seeing this layout in some ways.

Surprised about the lack of inversions however, but it's still fascinating.