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Six Flags Magic Mountain


Feb 17, 2016
Los Angeles
Does anyone remember the park used to have a HUSS Enterprise... and interestingly, at the same location as the Green Lantern statue. The planter for it used to house the main arm.

They could also put something in Pistachio Park, the old Swiss Twist/Bayern Kurve spot. And I figure the building is not safe and would need far too much renovation, but I also thought that the old lower Dragon Station (just to the left of Jeft Stream) could be good for a teacup type ride.

But I've been complaining for years about the need for more flat rides. Especially when so many other SF parks have a much better selection of flats. I know they're not nearly as newsworthy from a promotional point of view, but if they got 3 at once (which would still be much cheaper than a single coaster), it could be advertised as a more major addition.

I've been noticing more serious lines for the few flats they have, so there's definitely a need from the GP there. Even Flash and Wonder Woman have been garnering lines.


Sep 16, 2021
Just went for fright fest and had an enjoyable time. I think the vax requirement made the crowds not bad at all.

I didn’t pay to do mazes, but the longest line i had for a ride was about 30-40 minutes. Crazanity was really the only thing that was packed packed.

The scarezones had fun halloween vibes but not close to enough people to scare (at one point there was only 1-2 actors) which is a bummer cause they don’t really look bad at all. The scare zone near batman was my favorite since it felt the most complete in terms of staffing.


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Nov 23, 2013
Screamscape is hearing that the Raptor will be revealed on Thursday, the 80th Anniversary Date of the first publication of Wonder Woman.

EDIT: Not DPing, but--

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Nov 23, 2013
Small thoughts:

- The entrances for Justice League and Riddler feel just a bit off the way. Granted, not as bad as X2; but it's still weird.
- Hope the "Flight" curse that Green Lantern: First Flight is dead and not apparent for Flight of Courage. ;)
- The final turn right before the brake run looks cool, though it's probably going to be netted, I am gonna love seeing guests reactions.
- Hope they get lighter wheels, as I know that is an issue for Jersey Devil with the longer trains.


Aug 24, 2018
So Cal
I am super stoked on the coaster choice . However, i feel its a big missed opportunity to not combine the dc universe land with the justice league metropolis and riddlers entrance. Just hoping theres a path that connects maybe in front of the old freee fall attraction . The animation renderings were unclear as theres just a bunch of trees. Still stoked for something new super grateful for the team at SFMM cheers everyone!!!
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Magic Feather

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Apr 19, 2019
I doubt the flat will have a name change considering they deliberately did not use "Lasso" in the name. This layout still feels a little Jersey Devil-y which has me a tad worried, but still very exciting.


Jun 27, 2017
Hopefully the Q is cool, wanted the Joker theme mainly for the Q.

Hopefully this will bring more people to JL ride

For those saying the DC area is dead......I mean makes sense its "themed" but needs more but it wont get it because most people dont come to Six Flags for themed area's