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Super Nintendo World (Osaka) - Donkey Kong Expansion Thread

This is exciting! I really love the music shift. This area is going to have such a cool vibe.
My friends were like wait.. Spring 2024? How is that possible? I was like "Yup. Universal builds s--- and announces it later over there too."
The land looks....so amazing. I will for sure be checking it out at Epic when that opens...and very...very ok with this taking over for Mummy at USH. Seems like a perfect area that fits next to Jurrassic and the coaster looks like a blast for everyone
I'm so salty we'll never get animatronics (or even figures) of Mario & Friends but I'm still excited beyond belief.
Don't worry unless the money train stops this is just the start

No doubt we get another Mario attraction one day
Do we know if Japan's version of this is getting all of the interactive mini games that Orlando will eventually have?

I ask because from what details came out yesterday the only mini game I saw confirmation of was Rambi's drums. But I believe the rumor was that there's 3 mini games although just looking at Universal's CG illustration of the land I don't see anything that pops out in the pathways besides Rambi's drums?

They did say you can collect the K-O-N-G letters in the land but I'm guessing that's a different collectible from the 3 mini games, of which I'm guessing those 3 would act more like the timed key challenges over in Mario?