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Texas Chain Saw Massacre


Veteran Member
Apr 6, 2014
Rushmore Academy
So excited so excited SO FRIGGIN EXCITED!!!! In my opinion, texas chainsaw is not only one of the best horror films but one of the best films of all time. It changed the way horror and film in general are made and every scene and character just hits a bullseye for me. It's a masterpiece

I can't wait, the classic IP houses have been nothing short of phenominal thus far and I think this will be no exception to that rule. So many great moments plus with the death of Gunnar Hanson recently, I'm sure the team will really do this with a even bigger effort. Just with one announcement 26 is just a giant yes for me. So far so good


Premium Member
Apr 1, 2010
York, England
Aww man, that video actually put a knot in my stomach! I love the movie, but it absolutely unnerves me in a way that other horror doesn't, due to the fact that it's based in a more credible 'reality' than something like Krueger etc.
They're going to absolutely nail this as well, aren't they? And I'm gonna be scared crapless! Ha!

I'm already dreading walking into that damn hallway with the sliding metal door.... ;)
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Veteran Member
Sep 23, 2012
And this when I start to get sad, no HHN trip for me this year :(:(:(

Still got Mays trip to look forward too but I'm really gonna miss it this year.


Premium Member
Feb 21, 2013
New Orleans
I saw Hollywood's TCM house in 2012 and it's the only house in 4 years where I've seen my boyfriend get really uncomfortable. He even jumped into me at point and knocked me down. I'm super excited for this one.


Premium Member
Feb 26, 2014
So will this likely be the MiB queue house since it will be outdoors? Because they have to go with real chainsaws and not use sound queues if in a soundstage.


Contributing Member
Feb 11, 2015
I enjoyed Hollywoods take on TCSM original house a few years ago, even though it was slightly flawed. It has always seemed to me the Orlando's creative team does a better job of simulating and building "outdoor" sets in their mazes, and Hollywood TCSM maze suffered in that area. Excited to see Orlando's take on it!