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Top Ten Dark Rides


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Aug 18, 2017
Alright, after much pondering, here's my rough list, obviously only of ones that currently exist:

10–Kilimanjaro Safaris (much too inconsistent to be higher—but probably for the best if it means the animals have that choice)

9–Monster Mansion (Mini-essay time: I only rode it when it was Plantation but from what I can tell it’s basically the same ride so whatevs. Before the-year-that-must-not-be-named, this probably wouldn't have even been considered for my top ten, while Splash Mountain probably would’ve been my #4. But given what’s come to light I would kind of like to forget about Splash, especially since it won’t even be a current attraction soon. I think I've really grown to appreciate MM looking back on it, as I appreciate the southern charm it provides without the undesirable origins—not to mention the grindhouse-y vibe it has. And yeah, it tickles me to no end that Six Flags actually made a good dark ride.)

8–Spaceship Earth (would be at least 7 with a halfway decent ending)


6--Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

5--Living With the Land

4--Haunted Mansion

3--Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

2--Men in Black: Alien Attack

1--Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

(Based off the POVs and explanatory videos, Rise would likely be #3 ahead of Spidey, maybe #2 for when the interactivity on MIB doesn’t completely work. Pure speculation though.)
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Jan 18, 2013
Orlando Florida
Reading this tonight I was rethinking my top ten dark rides...

10. Splash Mountain (MK)
9. Revenge of the Mummy (USF)
8. Men In Black Alien Attack (USF)
7. Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man (IOA)
6. Haunted Mansion (MK)
5. Transformers (USF)
4. Pirates of the Carribbean (DL)
3. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (DHS)
2. Indiana Jones Adventure (DL)
1. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (IOA)
funny how time changes things...I’m not putting these in any particular order, but my top ten now would be:

1. Haunted Mansion (DL)
2. Pirates of the Caribbean (DLP)
3. Symbolica (Efteling)
4. Indiana Jones Adventure (DL)
5. Revenge of the Mummy (USF)
6. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (IOA)
7. Amazing Adventures of Spiderman (IOA)
8. Splash Mountain (MK)
9. Rise of the Resistance (DHS)
10. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (DHS)

honorable mentions that didn’t quite make it on my list in 2021:

1.Spaceship Earth (Epcot)
2. Droomvlucht (Efteling)
3. Men In Black (USF)
4. Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway (DHS)
5. World of Motion (Epcot -extinct)