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Feb 23, 2008
Staten Island, NY
If you ever visited Japan, would Universal Stuios in Osaka be your first destination(besides sleep)?

They have some favorites we know from Universal Florida:
- The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man
- Terminator 2:3D
- Shrek 4-D
- E.T. Adventure
- Back to the Future
- Jurassic Park - The Ride
- Jaws
- Universal Monsters Live Rock and Roll Show
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I have looked up Videos on YouTube before for some good clips of what they have over there...but thats about it. I think they have the one good coaster that may come here - called Project Rumble. But other than that...I do not place this park near my top for places outside the US to visit.

I may want to goto Dubai in 15 years though! Botyh Busch and Universal have stuff planned. lol.
WWOHP going to Japan? From Screamscape:

(4/19/12) A mysterious pecking sound at my window tonight revealed an interesting new development. According to a brief message, delivered by Owl-Mail… I’ve been told that before the year is over we may see the announcement of yet another Wizarding World of Harry Potter project. This time for Universal Studios Japan. This begs the question, what attraction(s) will Universal Japan have to remove to make room for the new Wizarding World?
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It'll be interesting to see how this actually plays out. If true, I wonder if the Potter fanbase will be like they were about the Hollywood announcement and say that Uni is all about making profits and not caring about keeping their "baby" sacred.

Oh England is gonna be so pissed:lol:

Now location wise IMO the most ideal spot would be the far NW corner. Depending on the scale of this project you would have to either lose Water World and the unused "storage" lot next to it OR Water World and JAWS. Putting it in this area gives them the most space while taking out two older high maintenance attractions. It also gives you room to either expand at a later date or build a larger version of the original application.

If this does happen which I hope it does it will be HUGE for the Japan park. I always feel like its the B**** park for Universal. Almost makes you wonder though if Lance's source may be incorrect and its heading to Singapore since that park is a big up and comer for them???
Now.. I Want to go to japan! Their HHN Looks Awesome, I wish in the coming years we can get something Greatly Interactive... At least. Who Knows.
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The dinos are kinda cheesy but I love 'em. I'd love to see that here! The closest thing we've had to that here at USH is a plasticy half of a raptor for photo ops that used to be part of the original SES.
Wow japan has a lot of things in hhn I would like to see in Hollywood. The whole biohazard theme looks pretty cool. The raptor attacking its handler in the first video made me laugh.
Yeah, the old Splash was SO iconic. Made a gorgeous splash down!

Also, I've never heard about the boats crashing into other boats at high speeds at the drop....I feel like that'd be on the news haha. Not blowing your reasoning off, Ive just never heard that. Besides, the boats won't go through with the drop until the boat in the splashdown is safely away and closer to the unloading area. That's why boats get "stuck" so often right before the drop. Because the sensor won't let them go through.

If it was such a problem, wouldn't the exact same mechanism be changed in Florida and Japan as a precaution? I thought it was just changed to control the water during off seasons.

Either way, I miss the original ending.