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Possibly. Or nighttime version of FJ. Or Hagrid?
If it was Hagrids I feel like they wouldn’t say launching this spring but idk. They have been casting for a new Hogwarts professor role though so that could be related?
So at first I have thought this to be just Dark Arts but they have been...continually teasing, of all the past additions and elements in Hogsmeade.

Could it be..possible that we may be getting more announced?
Please for the love of god bring this to Hollywood as well, should not be a big money sink but man would fans go wild for this and bring some life back into the land, like the death eaters do at HHN
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Maybe the Fantastic Beasts films resonated better in the Japanese market? I did notice a whole lot of new (or new to me at least) creature merchandise from FB in the shops of Diagon and Hogsmeade the other day.