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Universal's Epic Universe Construction Thread

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Brian G.

Jan 21, 2008
Orlando, FL
This thread is dedicated to the construction progress of Universal's Epic Universe, including the park and surrounding areas.

Please keep all discussion limited to construction talk.

General discussion about the new expansion can be found here.
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I'd assume any time now! It's funny the raised all that land up and are adding so many water features right down the middle.
I wonder if they did/will take pictures of the palm tree but won't release it till later. Sort of a, how far we've come type of deal, to build more hype at a later date.
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I don’t believe we have seen any of the massive (and deep) concrete sewer and stormwater pipes sitting around or being laid yet, correct? I get all trembly and excited when I see stormwater management in action.
Not yet but I can’t wait as well. :freak:
I went and did 2 quick mocks of the concept art combined with google maps (one to show distance/scale in comparison the existing parks, one to show a little more detail on placement. They're not perfect, but meant as approximations):

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I believe the placement should be further south (left on image). Probably slightly smaller as well (as indicated by the dueling coaster extending too far out).
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