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What Games Are You Playing?

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Yeah it is a tad bit more like Star Wars, but playing the Villains is super fun.
The whole Lego game franchise I just love.
Praying they put out an HP version, that would be greatness!

That would seem like a logical next step. I would probably get Batman or Indy for my PS3, but other games take higher priority, though they might make it on my holiday wish list.
How many on campaign? I wanna do it with you, but are you doing it on Insane? If so, **** no :lol:.

Oh, here's another vid I found of the online play.

Only two in Campaign(sorry), but there is a NEW GAMEPLAY TYPE CALLED Horde. 5 PLAYERS FTWW!!!

Footage here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGV-7BVGzPU


Oh, and Ryan, I noticed you haven't finished Insane Gears, so this weekend I'll help you finish it and get your awesome gamerpic.
If I was allowed to get M games and my PS3 could suddenly play 360 games over XBOX Live, I would so get Gears 2 to play online with all of you. Instead, I get stuck with the people from here that never go on at the same time as me *cough cough Jason, Brian, and Ralph cough cough*
I'm now really hoping my brother gets what he wants and gets a 360 with Halo 3... would anybody be up to play that if my brother manages to convince my parents for that?
I'm sure Ryan would. He's always on either Halo or Rock Band. Get CoD. From what I've played, better for 360. Only get it if it's cheap on ebay, cod 5 in two months.