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Your “Mount Rushmore” of Universal attractions

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Aug 7, 2018
Thought this could be a fun idea! I’m getting anxious for my trip! Anyways, here’s mine! Remember, only 4. Can be of any time period.

- Spider-Man at IOA

- The Revenge Of The Mummy (hence my name)

- The Incredible Hulk Coaster

- ET Adventure

What are yours?
Hagrid’s (and I haven’t even been on it yet)

Kong is the whole package to me. From the building to the queue to length of ride to music to AA; so it gets my 4 spot.
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Spider-Man (as a comic book geek, this was my Harry Potter/Hogsmeade)
Back to the Future (the historical pick- this is what got me interested in the parks.)
Forbidden Journey-this was the start of Universal getting more love and help set itself up for its future success, while also being innovative and fun
1.Studio Tour-Universal Studios Hollywood
2.Revenge of the Mummy-Universal Studios Orlando
3.Forbidden Journey(3D)- Universals studios Hollywood
4.Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man 3-D(Islands of Adventure)
5.MIB: Alien Attack-Universal Studios Florida
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Argh. In no particular order:

Forbidden Journey

I'd have said Mummy or Hulk, but depending on how I'm feeling I still balk at them.

Hagrid's will probably take one of the spots when I actually get to ride it. At least the queue was nice as that's all I've ever been able to see before it breaks down.