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Character Meet and Greet Lowerlot

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This isn't exactly a Lower Lot meet-and-greet sitch, but this was a photo I took a pretty long time ago (I'm pretty sure it was during Transformers softs, but I'm not completely sure) of the Mystery Machine making its way through the Lower Lot. This may seem like a stupid question, but why don't we see them doing this anymore? I remember making my first visit to USH in December of 2008 and seeing Scooby and Shaggy drive by with music blasting from the van, but now we only see them in front of Cartooniversal (minus the van). I mean, I know it makes more sense to have them walk around a cartoon store rather than have them drive past Autobots and pharaohs, but.. ya know. :p
Not enought room for that many character on the lower lot. There are already 3 mummy characters and 3 transformers character. They were their before transformers was even thought about back when Backdraft and SES were around and after a guess it didnt make sense like you said to see Shaggy and Scooby in front of transformers building.
Just realized I didn't even post the photo. Wow. Here it is:

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LOL. They need to move Bumblebee to the official meet- and-greet area. It's causing way to much congestion to the area.
LOL. They need to move Bumblebee to the official meet- and-greet area. It's causing way to much congestion to the area.
While it'd make more sense to have all three Transformers come out in one spot to meet guests, Bumblebee utilizes elements Optimus and Megatron don't (and vice versa), which would make it a lot more complicated to have all three of them greet guests in the same spot.
Oh man black Anubis is the best! He snuck up on me once and was leaning right next to my face. My brother froze mid sentence so i knew something was up and when I turned around there he was! I didn't jump or anything, just said hello. He broke character a moment and said "no scream, nothing today? Damn." And then grinned before walking away. Love that guy.
I love that guy! It's amazing that he can recognize people who've been there before. The two Anubis guys are so awesome. Interesting how they have only ever had two (unless I'm mistaken)

The black Anubis' man pecks are....very pronounced.

Yes I have. Universal really loves TF, I like how the crew make the line enjoyable for the people to see.