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Halloween Horror Nights 33 (UOR) - Speculation & Rumors

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People react differently to scares- some try to run ahead, some freeze and cower in fear, some hardly react at all.

Any pulsing is better than no pulsing, and even if they sent groups 90 seconds apart there's still a decent chance that you run-into another group halfway through no matter what. It's a constant ebb-and-flow that can be difficult to monitor, unless ops are communicating through radio constantly which seems like a huge waste.

I'm just happy I get to go to a limited capacity night, and get a bit more space in front of me than usual. Unless the crowds are as low as Tent City during the last half-hour of the event, I'm sure the pulsing is going to be hit-or-miss. And that's 100% ok and isn't going to ruin the entire thing.
Except it’s not “all the perks of RIP.” The two big perks is unadulterated front of the line access and tour guide. Prem Night doesn’t provide either.
yes you are right, I misspoke with "all the perks" as front of the line is definitely a huge benefit with RIP. The tour guide is just a plus as they just really walk you around the park and give you background to each house.
I guess all i was trying to imply was that with them claiming "little to no wait & personal group experiences" then comparing the 2, i can see premium night for $100 less as a good value for those going one night compared to RIP for one night. Each one has a its slight differences but coming from someone that has only done RIP when visiting HHN, I was shocked to see it hasn't sold out yet.
For me the fact that its the day before the season starts is the only red flag. You run the risk of not seeing fully completed houses and actors not getting into their rhythm like later in the season.
30 second pulsing is waaaayyy too long. It's probably closer to 10 seconds
If its only 10 seconds then yeah I'd rather stick with RIP imo, even with 30 second spacing you will catch up to the group in front of you. It will be interesting to see the feedback from this first time event.
The only benefit to any spacing is being able to slow down so you can experience the house how you want, vs the constant conga line or TM telling you to keep up with the person in front of you.
Like @SixBillium said, I don't think there's truly any way to completely avoid running into another group at some point.

We ran into other groups in the houses in 2020, when they were specifically working to keep groups separated lol
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That would be a epic fustercluck. That would require that everybody for HHN be given a wrist band as they enter the park.

So either you have to have the gate people put down their scanner after each time they use it to put a wrist band on each person, probably at least tripling the time spent for guest who knows what they're doing (there's no hope for the morons who are SHOCKED they need to show their tickets after waiting in line seeing every single person in front of them use their tickets and have to go digging through purses and backpacks to find them).

Or, you have to give each person a wristband and tell them to put it on themselves which is always a disaster. I go to local races a lot and you pay for your entry, they give you wrist band and you enter...and every single person stops the second they walk through the gate to put it on and just cause a massive bottleneck and it's just dozens of people. Having thousands of people trying to enter the parks at 6:30 and all wanting to go into the first house 100 feet into the park and needing to have a wrist band to enter the line...you're just asking for a disaster. With a lot of people "pregaming" and already having their drink on when they get there just makes it an even worse situation.

Then you'd also have the potential situation of a family with a double wide stroller trying to "go against the flow" and get out of the park...with scary monsters scaring the kids.

HHN is such a different beast from day time operations that a "gradual changeover" spilling into the event isn't practical.
I mean Disney does this for all special events. They do not close, clear, and start event. Security wanders around and asks you if you are part of the event if they don't clearly see your band. Now they also kind of stagger entry since you can start entry before the event starts, but I assume a large majority show up at 4pm. So overall it is done a little different, but it could solve a lot of issues if they had a better turnover on HHN nights. Both from a daytime guest getting more time in the park to the stay and scream nightmare. They would most likely hand you a band and not stop to put it on you. You lose the band and someone approaches you, you show ticket. They only do the approaching people for the time it takes to clear the park and if you don't have band they don't allow you to enter any rides which naturally pushes people out of the park since they can't do anything.
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A 10-sec interval pretty much catches you up to the party in front of you after a scare or two. At some point you should expect to make contact with the group in front, but 10 secs is far too short for the price your paying.

Opening year HoSO pulsed by at least 90 seconds, probably closer to 120. More often than not I caught up to other guests or they caught up to me. 10 seconds will be the conga line by the second room.
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Thing is… even if the premium night gets bad reviews, it’s not like angry blogger articles would affect the actual event because it’ll just go back to normal ops. Not like that Hollywood Studios holiday thing that basically got ruined by the first night reviews (well, ruined by the terrible ops that led to terrible reviews).

Hopefully people are happy with it, but if not I guess that’s the risk with being #first.
Ghostbusters tomorrow? Seems odd for a Sunday announcement. But then again, a Friday announcement seemed odd when we got Slaughter Sinema 2

Edit: The more I think about it and the fact that Murdy posted about pricking thumbs this morning. I wonder if it could be their Weeknd announcement.


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