HHN 28: Stranger Things

Aug 13, 2016
We’re very excited to be working closely with Netflix – to give our guests an immersive experience into the “Stranger Things” world by recreating some of the show’s most iconic scenes, 80’s settings, and most loved characters (#RIPBarb).

You’ll faithfully follow the storyline, starting off on Mirkwood and then quickly moving to inside Hawkins National Laboratory where things have gone terribly, terribly wrong.

From there you will experience all the most memorable moments and environments from the show while being hunted at every turn by the Demogorgon.

And of course, you’ll step into the mysterious darkness of the Upside Down more than once – whether you like it or not.

Universal Orlando Close Up | Stranger Things is Coming to Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights


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Aug 15, 2015
I know this isn’t directly related, but Singapore’s getting this as well....makes me wonder if they’re making the shift we did back at 22.
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Jul 8, 2017
So from the blogpost it sounds like the forest and Byers House will be the facade. Also seems as though the maze goes Mirkwood Road-Byers House-Hawkins Lab-Upside Down. Also interesting to note is that it says Season 1, guess S2 is coming in 29.