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HHN 28: Stranger Things


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Feb 15, 2012
Pittsburgh, PA
@Alicia! Saw your ParkStop post...didn't know about such a rumor, but I wouldn't mind such a house happening, with the right tools. Is there any particular reason why seemingly none of the IPs brought in for HHN have just never become attractions?
Probably a few reasons: Orlando has a different talent pool than Hollywood, Orlando never found the interest from guests, and combine that with the extra work it would take to do quality control while working with outside parties it just never seemed logical. It's one thing to have approval in July for something till November, something totally else to have it year around.

IF a Stranger Things house was to happen I imagine the only characters in the house would be Hopper and Joyce in the suits, random guards, and the rest would be various demigorgons.


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Dec 13, 2009
What if it was a test for all-day operation during the HHN season?
That's where I was heading down my rabbit trail...If the houses are open and the scarezones are not operating it (or maybe they are)...It would certainly distribute the crowds a bit...They could also sell a "day pass" and "night pass" or an "all day pass"

HHN already starts while the sun is still up haha
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Sep 22, 2011
What if it was a test for all-day operation during the HHN season?
If they did that, they would need to have four casts for each day - Two for daily operation and two for HHN ops. The schedule would likely be something like 10-6:30 for daily ops and 5:30-2 for HHN (Each cast clocks in an hour before they hit set to get into costume, makeup, prosthetics, etc...)