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HHN Hollywood 2018 Construction Thread

The Hells Harvest decorations are... interesting to say the least. Don't quite know how Egyptian like statues can relate to the theme but we'll see.

HHN Hollywood is definitely stepping up their scarezone game!

Positive news, we may be getting a puppet character in a zone - Return of Chuckys amazing roasts but in a different form....?
I wonder what the character will be if this does happen..


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Sep 10, 2017
Hells Harvest is giving me more of a sorta Pagan Sacrifice meets Traditional Halloween kinda vibe and personally I'm a fan
I think Halloween used to be Pagan, right? Like, Pagan/Welsh/Celtic, then christian, then spread to America.

Actually, those statues look kind of Celtic, now that I think about it. That might be where Murdy is coming from.
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