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Make your own HHN


Veteran Member
Jun 28, 2017
@Jaden *cracks knuckles*
- The Terminator (WW Queue)

- Jaws (Tram Garage A)

- Bloodborne: Welcome to Yharnam (Soundstage 29)

- Metallica: Enter Night (Mummy Queue)

- Dantes Inferno (747 Area)

- Scary Stories: To Tell In The Dark (Parasian Courtyard)

- CryptTV (FDTD Area)

- Dawn Of The Dead (Metro Sets)

- Silent Horror (Tram Garage B)


Veteran Member
Jun 28, 2017
You guys think i should do a original haunt based off this creepypasta?

I don't have a lineup, but i have an "idea" for it.
The backrooms go like this.
""If you're not careful and you noclip out of reality in the wrong areas, you'll end up in the Backrooms, where it's nothing but the stink of old moist carpet, the madness of mono-yellow, the endless background noise of fluorescent lights at maximum hum-buzz, and approximately six hundred million square miles of randomly segmented empty rooms to be trapped in
God save you if you hear something wandering around nearby, because it sure as hell has heard you"

There are various levels to these backrooms.

Here's some of my brainstorming ideas.
  • A vortex will be the first room into the backrooms.
  • The first two rooms will have no scares in it, but in the second room you can see a body "glitching" out of reality.
  • Transitions to the levels will be a pitch black room (A black hall transition with a purpose)
  • There'll be various creatures in each room. These will be a Mimic (a entity that mimics human voices), an Hunter (lead killer), "NOT-Normals" (entities wearing human skin.), and "The Thing In The Corner" (an strange entity by the corner).
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Robert Bliss

Feb 15, 2018
For Orlando, blue sky no rules:

1. Fargo (movie or show)- Soundstage
2. JC's The Thing- Soundstage
3. Original: Icon(s) House- Soundstage
4. Original: Peter And The Wolf 2: The Reckoning: Forest Of Fear: After years in captivity, the wolf dies and returns as a glowing spectral werewolf for some reason. And it brought friends.- Soundstage
5. Titans of Terror featuring Freddy, Jason, Michael and man I want to write Steve Urkel, but I'll say Chucky. Slasher houses are fun, but the same guy over and over again is kinda silly. I'd prefer a buncha people.- Original Parade
6. Army Of Darkness- Parade B
7. Men In Black- MIB tent
8. Candyman- tent- just kidding, this is a fanasy- Soundstage
9. Original based on The Dunwich Horror- Shrek
10. Original: Doctor Oddfellow's Freakshow- tent
Hmm.. Also Aliens. Throw Aliens in a soundstage. I dunno. Hire some more people or whatever.

Big Trouble In Little China- San Fran
Barney and Woody Woodpecker's Bloodtastic Psychotic Breakdown Adventure- Kids zone
Icon(s) zone- Hollywood w/mini-shows
Vamp 2099 Vs Body Collectors- New York
Pan's Labyrinth or something like it- central park (if that is what foggy McPumpkintrees area from last two years is called)
Lightly themed coming attractions semi-zone between Minion and Shrek
The Warriors themed chainsaw hordes

Shows: AoV street show similar to first couple years
Icon(s) main show in Fear Factor

And I don't know where else to post this, so if we're talking fantasy here, can we please get some of those cool Hello Kitty movie mash-up shirts in men's sizes? They're missing out on weirdos like me spending more money.

That is all.


Aug 5, 2016
going to take a crack on this
Serial Experiments lain this maze will incorporate scenes from the anime but will have a creative approach to it
1080 × 1080
Facade: the house of lain filled with electric wires everywhere sprouting from the windows and the voices of distant people echoing from the house, also the sound of this (storyline will also be told

room 1: lains room before the storm you starting hearing the email of a dead girl who took her own life to live in the wired( the internet) no scares in this room (an actor will portray lain in this situation acting shocked that she is receiving a message from a dead girl)

room 2 the train: you enter the inside of a subway train as you hear distant chatter until the conductor says that there has been in an accident. An effect will be used similar to the shining blood elevator in the Orlando maze. Blood will start pouring through the sides of the train windows. the hallucinations of lain start kicking in as peoples faces turned distorted some of them real actors some props the actors will get up for a scare

Room 3 the girl: the room is filled with fog and the distant sound of a train coming this way and then suddenly a scare from this girl with a distorted face will appear. The strobe lights will be red to simulate the train lights

Room 4 Club Cyberia; a screen(the screen will be similar to the narration screen in the video) is telling you that you just took the drug Accela. The voiceover will say the side effects of the drug like a big pharma infomercial, the room is filled with blinding club lights until u hallucination of the woman in the gas mask pops out at you from the screen like the scare used in the unfriended maze

Room 5 Cyberia part 2 another person who took the drug will lash out you with a knife (in the anime it was a gun but due to recent events I will change it) the room will be the club but with a dead body prop on the floor the man will stab the prop multiple times and will lash at you.
Music in this scene:

Room 6 welcome to the Wired(the internet): the line between reality is being obscured as the Wired and reality come together, Projections are everywhere in this room similar to the pic no scares in this room

room 7, 8, 9 Welcome to the game : they say its just a computer game that u won't get hurt in real life, (lain really predicted VR as this series was made in the 90s and in this scene you are playing virtual reality game you think its fake but its all real as continued the frame of reality is shakey) the three rooms will portray ps1 to ps2 horror video game textures like the image the first two rooms will include silent hill type monsters like the nurse and other disfigured creatures. The third room will include a lifeless lain without eyes popping out at you

room 10: a room with the letters "FULFILL THE PROPHECY" written all over the walls as an oni like monster comes out for a scare but the texture of his oni mask is just code.

room 11: entering the WIRed: you discover the truth of who made the VR game as the monologue of a doctor who created this grieves over his mistakes as he used kids for the experiment which created the game, The ghost of the kids start popping out at you in the doctor's lab.

room12: the wired conspiracy theories: like the real internet you enter a room with files on files of supposed conspiracy theories that leads to the next room( videos of conspiracy theories will be projected in the room)
room13: the Roswell incident Lain discovers the theories of the Roswald incident (yes this really happens in the anime just don't question it lol) you enter the room with doctors operating on a alien one of the doctors sprays you with some sort of liquid
room14: a alien pops out at you in the lab
room 15: back to the real world? you enter lains room it is filled with computers and the noise of clicking the ambiance is strong in this scene. No scares

music in this scene:
scene 16: projections of people and places in this room (this maze is really projection heavy) the monologue voices: what is reality what is the true nature of the world. People with tubes and wired engraved in their skin pop-out.

scene 17: lains room, a blob monster made of lains computer pieces ( a puppet) comes bursting at you from the wall

scene 18: a room with CR TV's depicting lain while an actor with an anime mask-like lain pops out(similar to the pic down below). This is where it gets meta,


Scene 19: now we bring the more philosophical aspect of the series. This room will be total darkness until a bright light shines and reveals screens projecting the faces of the guest entering the room while lain says "do you really believe your perception of what you deem to be yourself is the true perception of reality and not just a clone of others, now come and I will show you the truth" as a actor that appears like lain pops out from one of the screens with her eyes scratched out (there is a significant meaning there) End of maze

side note: the wired is the series way of saying world wide internet. Scenes in the wired have a certain texture in the beginning then slowly stop as the real world gets blurred with wired. All actors will be portrayed in a real human form, not in an anime style like the series including the mask except for scene 18 where stuff turns meta. This was really hard to conceive as the nature of this anime is really avant-garde and hard to follow but I tried my best to make it into a maze and also check it out if you're into weird cyberpunk anime


Nicholas Leon

Aug 1, 2019
Icon: Ultimate Nightmare (A fusion between the Nightmare Creature, Scarlet King, Khrone and Hajun)

Haunted Houses
Marvel: Ruins (Waterworld Queue)
World War Z (Jurassic World Queue)
George Orwell's 1984 (Soundstage 747)
Left Behind (Mummy Queue)
Path of the Wicked (Tram Garage)
DC's Dark Multiverse (Parsian Courtyard)

Pantheonz (This scare-zone is a park wide scare-zone and is about an alternate reality where the Nightmare Creature fuses with Scarlet King, Khrone and Hajun and defeats the Dream Creature thanks to the fusion along with transforming the Trope Pantheons into something nightmarish along including the inhabitants in which are members of the Trope Pantheons and ruled it like a tyrannical king)

Cult Sacrifices
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Jun 18, 2019
Los Angeles, CA
For Hollywood... Using ten mazes as the limit now that we're getting ten this year, I'd start with:

Hellraiser: Sweet Suffering: I'm not a massive fan of the franchise, but I think it's hard to deny that - if even from a purely visual standpoint - this would be a great addition to HHN. Pinhead and the Cenobites are horror icons, and I think getting it to the event would be both well-deserved and welcome for the fact all the years of fans requesting it could finally come to an end.

The Conjuring: Similarly, The Conjuring as a franchise is undeniably popular, and having nearly come to HHN in the past, it's time to just get it over with and pull the trigger. There's so much potential here, especially with no end in sight for the franchise, and it'd be so much fun going through some of the settings in the films and ending it all in one big, nightmarish gauntlet of monsters and spooks - and a face to face with the ever-smiling Annabelle - in the Warrens' museum.

With those two covering the "most requested" and "long overdue" bases, then we'd move on to:

Rage: 28 Years Later: Whether or not a third movie ever happens, which it most likely will down the line, it'd be fun to see a maze set in that world a few decades after those final moments of 28 Weeks Later. It could be set in any sort of crazy, international location where the last bastion of mankind has holed up only for the Rage-infected to storm in and force "us" out into a ravaged world of survival.

Cabin in the Woods: To be honest, I'm still salty we never got this on the west coast, so I'd throw it in there just because the concept still holds up and really speaks for itself.

Universal Monsters: Legacy of Nightmares: I'd hope that the Universal Monsters mazes are here to stay, as there's still so much potential. These mazes won't feel "complete" until we've finally seen the Creature from the Black Lagoon, but year to year it could be mixed up in all sorts of crazy way that embrace Universal's horror legacy. If characters like Dracula and the Wolf Man need a year or two off, for instance, we could get a maze with more of a '50s/'60s sci-fi bent, incorporating Universal films like It Came from Outer Space, or swing towards something like The Raven. There's so much to pull from beyond the icons in Universal's legacy, and I'd love to see them use these mazes as a stepping stone for real weirdness.

Tremors: Welcome to Perfection: And if we're pulling from the studio's legacy, I'd love to see Tremors turn up as the event's "lighthearted" maze. The facade could double as Chang's general store and Graboid museum, as we're invited guests here to learn about the events of the past under the belief that Graboids have all been wiped out... only for them to turn up, along with Shriekers and Ass-Blasters. It'd have to involve a lot of puppetry, obviously, but hey, I can dream, right?

And then we get to my personal wish list:

Resident Evil: I've been waiting on this for forever. I love the series, and as much as I enjoyed the Silent Hill maze years back... I want Resident Evil, especially since the east coast already got it. There's so much to pull from from the entirety of the series, from setting it in the mansion from the first game or Raccoon City or the location of the Los Illuminados cult to the Bakers' plantation. So long as it's built on the legacy of the games and not the live-action films, I'd be happy.

The Orphanage: This could be inspired by the 2007 Spanish-language film (which I love) or simply use the setting as a basis for its own thing. Spooky setting? Check. Haunting backstory? Check. Scary kids, ghosts, ghouls, whatever? Check.

The X-Files: The Truth is Out There: Honestly, this maze would've best had a shot when the revival first happened in 2016, and now I think that chance is gone... That said, I love The X-Files, warts and all, and the idea of hearing that iconic theme while waiting in line gives me chills! This maze would essentially revisit Mulder and Scully's scariest case files, from aliens (obviously) to some of the series' most iconic antagonists, like the Peacock family, Tooms, Leonard the fetus, the Great Mutato, and, of course, the Flukeman. It's kind of amazing that an XF house has never happened, and even if it's a long shot at this point, I hope it will, one day, because the series has quite the legacy worth diving into.

And as for the tenth maze, I'd like to think that The Walking Dead would be closed, and we'd get an original based off the creepiest/scariest aspects of another culture's folklore. Whether it's Mayan legends or Norse mythology, there's so many monstrous figures and tales across the globe that could make for one hell of a maze, as we've seen with past mazes like La Llorona and El Cucuy, and I think HHN would be a great venue to dig into a new one each year. Or just throw in The Thing, 'cause why not.


Jun 18, 2019
Los Angeles, CA
@highdefrex holy crap, that's a good lineup. I can help with the locations if you want.

What would be your location ideas?

Based off where mazes are going this year, I was thinking Universal Monsters can stay in the courtyard. I'd put X-Files and Cabin in the Woods in the tram location. I'd put Resident Evil in the Stranger Things soundstage location. I'd put The Orphanage in The Mummy site and Hellraiser in the Waterworld site (or swap the two). The Conjuring would go out in the backlot's FDTD space due to its inevitable popularity with 28 Years Later and Tremors joining it in the backlot, though Conjuring and Resident Evil could easily be swapped. That would just leave the tenth maze if TWD was gone, and if there's more space available down in the tram area, I'd put it there just to have an even balance of three mazes in that location with the three in the backlot, and two and two in the upper and lower lots.
Aug 13, 2019
Halloween Horror Nights: Bloody Beginning's

George Romero's Dawn Of The Dead

IT: Pennywise's funhouse of horror

Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho

Alice Cooper's Theater of madness

The Case Of Studio 28

The Asylum: Hostile Takeover

The Walking Dead: Total Darkness

Jordan Peele's Get Out

Halloween (2018)

Shaun of the Dead


Veteran Member
Jun 28, 2017
Saw The Games Of Jigsaw - What Would I Change
  • The guy in the Knife Chair didn't really push his face through, which was kinda the point of the trap. So, just get a actor just writhing there.
  • The Reverse Bear Trap room should've had the guy play dead like in the film, then once guests get close to him, he'll slowly reach his hand out towards them. I'll also add a Pig Man scare here.
  • Replace that black hallway with The Angel Trap, since you can hear the audio from it in the halls. So, replace the pig scare with an effect similar to orlandos where the trap goes off, and have a Pig Men scare from the other side.
  • Make the head of The Rack Trap move. They did this in the 2010 maze, but didn't see it here. I'll also suggest a shotgun scare here with an air and water trigger.
  • Shorten the legs in The Pendelum room, since it looks like his legs take up most of his body. You can also redo the room, where you walk past the aftermath of the trap, and have the body as a scare.
  • Replace the Black Hallway with another trap. I'll say The Pound Of Flesh or Venus Flytrap.
  • Have the actor in The Water Cube trap actually try to reach his hands out towards you. It can make a good double scare with the Pig Man in the room.
  • Actually add some decoration in The Reverse Bear Trap scene, since it's supposed to be the evidence room.
  • Have one of the bodies in The Bathroom be real.
Sound good? What would you guys change? Should i make this a series where i fix mazes?
May 27, 2019
Saw The Games Of Jigsaw - What Would I Change
  • The guy in the Knife Chair didn't really push his face through, which was kinda the point of the trap. So, just get a actor just writhing there.
  • The Reverse Bear Trap room should've had the guy play dead like in the film, then once guests get close to him, he'll slowly reach his hand out towards them. I'll also add a Pig Man scare here.
  • Replace that black hallway with The Angel Trap, since you can hear the audio from it in the halls. So, replace the pig scare with an effect similar to orlandos where the trap goes off, and have a Pig Men scare from the other side.
  • Make the head of The Rack Trap move. They did this in the 2010 maze, but didn't see it here. I'll also suggest a shotgun scare here with an air and water trigger.
  • Shorten the legs in The Pendelum room, since it looks like his legs take up most of his body. You can also redo the room, where you walk past the aftermath of the trap, and have the body as a scare.
  • Replace the Black Hallway with another trap. I'll say The Pound Of Flesh or Venus Flytrap.
  • Have the actor in The Water Cube trap actually try to reach his hands out towards you. It can make a good double scare with the Pig Man in the room.
  • Actually add some decoration in The Reverse Bear Trap scene, since it's supposed to be the evidence room.
  • Have one of the bodies in The Bathroom be real.
Sound good? What would you guys change? Should i make this a series where i fix mazes?
Maybe you should try to fix 2017 as a whole Lol.


Aug 5, 2019
Something went horribly wrong as I was editing this message and some of the trailer links were lost. They can all be found on Youtube and I will repost them when I can.

Based in Orlando and I am only going with IP houses since I personally prefer walking through things I will recognize, although many of the original mazes are fantastic.

1. Mandy, starring Nicolas Cage

2. Peter Jackson's Braindead aka Dead Alive

3. Grindhouse. It could be similar to Slaughter Sinema.

4. Feast

5. Army of Darkness

6. In the Mouth of Madness

7. IT (Chapters 1 and 2)

8. The Haunting of Hill House

9. Black Christmas aka Silent Night, Deadly Night

10. Alien

For the hell of it, I will include one alternate because it is a Universal film.

The People Under the Stairs

Scare zones are more difficult so I will come back to this at some point.

For the Academy of Villains, I would like there to be a Van Helsing/Dracula and the other monsters storyline.[/MEDIA]
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Contributing Member
Jan 12, 2018
Alrighty then, heres my treatment of The Terminator 1984.

Facade: Wasteland: Outside, spotlights will be roaming around like the HK ships and laser sound effects being played. Terminator main theme will also be played and Kyle Reese's explanation about a Terminator will be played in the background.

Scene 1: Enter inside the maze, and we are at a resistance base being under attack by Terminator infiltrators disguised as humans. Screams are heard and dogs are barking, as we exit the area to find a time machine waiting for you to enter.

Scene 2: You then head to a portal and are now in LA 1984. We see 3 dead bodies and one naked, which shows the Terminator in his punk outfit.

Scene 3: Then we head to Gingers apartment, and the Terminator busts through a door killing Ginger and you.

Scene 3: Head outside, and transition to enter the nightclub. We hear shooting, and as we enter, the Terminator is shooting up the place, and Kyle Reese pops out with a shotgun firing at the Terminator telling guests to run and leave.

Scene 4: Exit and we move to where the Terminator is hiding. Like the Poltergiest face peel, the Terminator gives us a scare with his eye missing, exposing his red eye.

Scene 5: Enter the police station with a facade and a crashed car inside. Dead officers all over the floor. Gun shots are heard everywhere. The iconic line "I'll be back" plays and opens a door, firing on guests, with the badass synth chase and his leather jacket outfit.

Scene 6: Back outside, theres a factory facade in front of us and a crashed truck. Before we enter, the T-800 with its badly damaged face reaches at us with its robot arm exposed.

Scene 7: Now we're inside. The endoskeleton is finally revealed. Kyle Reese body is on the floor. The T800 chases us everywhere, poping out of walls. At the end, we see The Terminator is being crushed by the hydraulic press while managing to grab Sarah (actor) and says "You're terminated f'er!"

Scene 8: Lastly, we enter a dark hallway (lets be honest its Hollywood) and we hear Sarah talk to John with the theme playing in the background, and the Terminator gives us one final scare, aaaand the end!

Aaaand there ya have it. THE TERMINATOR. This is another one of my dream mazes that I wish to see. Its one of those non-horror IPs that actually work as horror to me at least. The masks should be easy to do, because Arnold's face in the movie shows no expression and we wont have to see a grunt face Arnold in the maze. If they ever did this, that means this is the 2nd Universal attraction to return as an HHN maze.

EDIT: Had other videos, but sadly I found out I cant post more than 5 so this is all Im gonna have to show you.


Veteran Member
Jun 28, 2017


Wilson Steel Facility

The main entrance will be HUGE, being 60 feet tall. A rusted decayed sign lies to your left, reading “Wilson Steel Machining Services, Since 1949”. To your right is a parked S.W.A.T. van, with the back doors open. Through the dilapidated windows, you can see various silhouettes of victims banging on the windows, trying to get out of the building. The front doors have been busted open, leaving wood chips on the floor. You enter into the building.

Music -


(Main) TV Room

You then enter into a large lair. From your left is a fence with various TV’s showing footage of the traps (film footage and pre recorded footage). To your right are multiple traps, some are complete while some are in mid construction. (A drawing of the Reverse BearTrap, Razor Wire, a Needle, the Knife Chair, the Water Cube, and a Pig Mask.) Suddenly, the TV’s turn to static, as Billy The Puppets face appears on them. It then begins to speak. “"Greeting, and welcome. Right now you are probably screaming, and crying. Like a newborn crawling out of the womb. This is significant since today is your day of rebirth. The key to your survival lies only in the survival of the other subjects.. If the majority do not, then i'll leave you in this room to rot.... forever. Live or die, the choice is yours. Let the game begin *Billy laughter*" After he finishes this, a Pig Man emerges from behind one of the traps, and tries to slash at you with its arm razor. You run towards the next room...but there’s something different. There are two entrances to the next room.

Music -

Scareactor Description

Pig Man - 6ft, wears a pig mask and robe.


(Left) Oxygen Crusher

This room is large, with two men to your left and right, William and Hank. Both are standing on pillars bare foot, with a gas mask attached to their mouths. The masks tubes can be seen leading towards a crushing device that encases their chests. A T.V can be seen right in front of William, and it’s currently playing a Jigsaw message. He says “Every time you take a breath, the clamps around your chest will close in and crush your body. The only escape is in the other’s failure.” There’s a timer right in front of the exit door, and it’s currently counting from 59 minutes to 58 (clock will manually reset once it hits 58). Suddenly, Hank draws a breath, and the vices close around his chest, as you can hear bones break and blood sprays onto you. As you are distracted by this, William lunges out forward and tries to reach towards you, whimpering in fear. You then exit the room.

Music - Saw VI Score Soundtrack [Track 15] - Breath Room - YouTube

Scareactor Description

William - 40s, has “explosive” clamps around his arms and legs

Hank - 50s, has blood caked around his chest.


(Right) Razor Box

You then enter into a small room. There’s not a lot in the area. In the center of the room is Addison, hands trapped in a glass box. There’s a small needles seen glued at the bottom, and a key at the top. Her arms can be seen dripping blood, as she screams in pain. She tries to pull her arms away, but they just cut deeper into it. As you are distracted by this, Xavier comes out from a door and swings at you with a nailed baseball bat, face bloodied and filled with rage. You then exit the room.

Music - Saw II Complete Score Soundtrack - Track 63 - Hand Trap - YouTube

Scareactor Description

Addison - 20s, black hair, arms are bloodied

Xavier - 40s, shaved, beard, muscular, has splattered blood in several areas of his body.


(Main) Hallway

You then enter into a long hallway. To your left there’s a security camera positioned on a wall, it’s red lights flashing. In the center of the room is a fence, where pure darkness is only visible. Suddenly, a light comes on, and you see Billy The Puppet on it’s tricycle. It slowly rolls up towards you, stopping mere inches from the gate. His face then explodes (audio, strobe lights, and audio), as it laughs at you. You exit the room, and see two paths like before.

Music - Saw IV Complete Score Soundtrack - Track 53 - Hello, Perez - YouTube


(Left) Mausoleum

You then enter into a large mausoleum. On the left and right are stain glass windows, letting the sunlight pour in. The walls are covered with tombs, where some have dents in them from a blunt object. There’s a pulley like contraption in the center of the room, where two chains can be seen attached to it. Besides one chain is a box, where there’s various weapons in it (a small axe and a hook). Suddenly, Art comes out from one side of the contraption, eyes sewn shut, as he silently pleads for help. As you back away from him, Trevor comes out from a nearby corner, eyes sewn shut and wielding a hammer. He blindly swings it, as he tries to ask who’s there. You exit the room.

Music - Saw IV Complete Score Soundtrack - Track 7 - Blind / Mute - YouTube

Scareactor Description

Trevor - 50s, bald, tall, muscular, eyes sewn shut

Art - 40s, gaunt


(Right) Ten Pints Of Sacrifice

You then enter into a large room. In the center of the room is a large table, where a metal box with glass pans on top lays. There are five holes in the box, where spinning saw blades can be seen (One without actors will have saws spinning, while others will be “moving” with strobe lights). Behind it is a timer, counting from 3 minutes to 1 (clock will manually reset). To your right is a TV, showing a Billy message on it. He says “"The human body is an astoundingly durable creation. It contains approximately ten pints of blood. Yet it is still able to operate with just half of that. The device before you is one of sacrifice. A sacrifice of blood. In order to open the door, the beaker must be filled to the marked level. A level that is of no coincidence. So now I ask you: How much blood will you give in order to survive?" Mallick and Brit can be seen shoving their hands into the saws, as it tears open the skin and spraying blood onto you. As you are distracted by this, a Pig Man emerges to your side and tries to stab at you. You dash towards the next room.

Music - Saw V Complete Score Soundtrack - Track 57 - Hoffman Approach - YouTube

Scareactor Description

Mallick - 30s, stubble, wears a makeshift tourniquet

Brit - 30s, wears a makeshift tourniquet

Pig Man - 6ft, wears a pig mask and robe.


(Main) Shotgun Hallway

You then enter into another hallway similar to the hallway from before. On the floor is a body. It seems to be a man, well what used to be a man. His head has been blown to bloody chunks that litter the area, as skull and brain matter can be seen seeping through the corpse. You walk towards it, and you hear a click. Suddenly, you hear the sounds of shotguns going over your head, as you are nearly hit with several bullets (air). You look up, and see several shotguns positioned on the ceiling, a small wire running from them into a small motion sensor in the wall. As you back away from them, the body lunges at you, gurgling for help as it clutches what used to be a head, as it goes limp. You enter into the two paths again.

Music - Saw Score Soundtrack - Track 6 - Drill & Trap - YouTube

Scareactor Description

Sing - Mask, blood covered clothes.


Veteran Member
Jun 28, 2017

(Left) Scalping Seat

You then enter into a large living room. The walls can be seen covered in photos, each showing multiple victims from the various franchises (Adam, Dr. Gordon, Amanda, Jeff, Lynn, Timothy, Cecil, Strahm, Seth, Etc Etc). Painted on the wall above the paintings are the words “See what I see.” In the center of the room is a disturbing chair, where various cogs and gears can be seen on the back. Attached to the gears is some bloody hair...and a scalp. As you are distracted by this, the door bursts open, as Brenda emerges with her scalp entirely gone, revealing muscle and bone. She holds a knife, and tries to slash at you with it. You dash towards the next room.

Music -

Scareactor Description

Brenda - 20s, wears a prosthetic scalp.


(Right) Impalement Wheel

You then enter into a large room. To your right is a broken window, where a cage lies on the ceiling. Billy The Puppet can be seen in it, giving instructions to the trap. “Once her device begins to rotate, it will pierce her eyes and mouth if you don't delay its movement for at least 30 seconds. To do this, you must step into the other machine and lift the bars to the highest position, long enough to close the circuit, slowing down her device. If you do nothing, she will wind to her death before the clock runs out.” In the center of the room is a large device, where Suzane (dummy) can be seen on it. She is restrained with several straps. In front of her are three rods. Suddenly, the contraption moves her closer to the pipes, as she screams in fear. The lights go dark, as you hear squishing and cracking. You then exit the room.

Music -


(Main) Crawl Passage

You then enter in a hallway, and you immediately see the exit. In front of you is a small vent, where bloody handprints lay on the floor of it. You crouch down and enter inside the passage. There isn’t much light here besides the nearby exit, but from nearby you can hear timers going off and people screaming. As you are about to exit the vent, arrows emerge from the walls and try to shoot out at you (water and air). You crawl fast towards the exit, back to the two paths. (Note - there’ll be a small wheelchair passage for people who have wheelchairs or don’t want to crawl. It’ll be the same with the screams and arrows, but you can stand in this room).

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(Left) Shotgun Carousel

You enter into the scene through an open door, that is painted with a red spiral on it. This room is MASSIVE, being 50 feet in length. In the center of the room is a gate, where a small pedestal box stands. Two spikes can be seen in it, all covered in blood. In the back of the gate is the carousel, and in front of that carousel is a shotgun. Six people can be seen on it (all dummies), and there’ll be screaming for help. To the right of the carousel is a TV, playing a billy message. He says “Six ride the carousel, but only two can get off. The decision of which two survive falls upon you. “To the back of you is a timer, and it seems to be set in 0:00 right now. However, as you are distracted by the carousel, the timer falls down (boohole), revealing William covered in blood. He screams in pain and holds up his hole covered hand, as he lunges out towards you. You run towards the next room.

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Scareactor Description

William - 40s, wears a prosthetic glove.


(Right) Horsepower Trap

You then enter into a MASSIVE room, being 50 feet in length. In the center of the room is a car held up by several jacks. The hood is removed, and doors are gone. In front of the broken window is a lever. In the car is Evan (actor) , glued to the seat. He’s seen tearing aways his back from the seat, as he screams for help (mix of makeup and suit). Below the car is Kara (actor), tied underneath the tires. She screams for help, and tries to free one hand to reach for you. Behind the car is Dan (dummy), with chains attached to his jaw and arms. In front of the car is Jake (dummy), tied to the garage door. A tape can be heard playing. It says “In 30 seconds, the jacks holding up this car will fall, setting off a deadly chain of events. In order to stop this from happening, you must tear yourself away from the seat to which you are glued.”You then hear a ring, as the lights go out. The sounds of gore and flesh being ripped is heard. The lights come on, and you are then scared by a Pigman from behind you. He holds a syringe, and tries to jab at you with it, as you exit the room.

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Scareactor Description

Evan - 30s, bald, wears a bodysuit

Kara - 20s

Pig Man - 6ft, wears a pig mask and robe.


(Main) Adams Apartment

You then enter into a small apartment. There’s not a lot of furniture in the room, besides the main ensteils (couch, sink, mini fridge, etc etc). This room is extremely dark, but every so often, you can hear the sound of a camera going off, and the room lights up for a second. You then hear laughing. You turn around, and on the couch is Billy The Puppet, just laughing. Besides it is a bat. As you are distracted by this, a Pig man emerges from behind a closet door and lunges at you. You dash towards the next room, right to the two paths.

Music - Saw Score Soundtrack - Track 14 - The Rules - YouTube

Scareactor Description

Pig Man - 6ft, wears a pig mask and robe.


(Left) Death Mask

You then enter into a small room. There’s a small mirror attached to a chair, and an open tool box near the corner. Inside the toolbox is a skull x-ray showing a key embedded into the eye, a scalpel, a pair of tweezers, some bandages, and an eyepatch. A nearby TV can be seen on, playing a Billy message. It says “I am going to give you a hint as to where I've hidden the key. So listen carefully, the hint is this: it's right before your eyes.” As you are distracted by this, Michael pops out from a darkened corner. He has the Venus Flytrap on him, and tries to remove the trap on him, as the ticking from the timer echoes. He begs for help as he re enters the darkness. You hear a ding, and then a CLANG, as blood (water) sprays on you. You exit to the next room.

Music - Saw II Complete Score Soundtrack - Track 8 - Eye (C) - YouTube

Scareactors Description

Michael - 30s, has a bloody eye


(Right) Steam Maze

You then enter into a large hallway. To your left and right are gates, covered in some pipes. This whole room has a red tint to it. As you walk past some of the pipes, they spray air onto you (there’ll also be an audio trigger of skin sizzling). Above you can hear William yelling at someone instructions of the game. As you walk past an open gate entrance, Debbie emerges from behind it. She’s weilding a buzzsaw, and has several third degree burns on her face. She blindly swings it around, as you dash to the next room.

Music - Saw VI Score Soundtrack [Track 20] - Steam Room - YouTube

Scareactor Description

Debbie - 30s, has several third degree burns on her.


(Main) Evidence Room

You then enter into a large room. The room is littered with old traps used throughout the series. These will include the Magnum Eyehole, some chains, the Angel Trap, the Shotgun Collar, shackles, the Rack, a vice, metal columns, spikes, a spike gun, a Spine Cutter, the Water Cube, collars, a jar with keys, a bathtub, Screw Helmets, Explosive Bracelets, razor wire nooses, nail bed, and a whole stack of tapes. In the center of the room is a chair, where the bloodied up body of Jill lies. Her head has been ripped apart by the Reverse Beartrap, as blood sprays onto you (water). As you are distracted by this, Hoffman emerges from behind a cupboard, swinging a knife onto you. You run towards the two paths.

Music - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H83LRKMye1s

Scareactor Description

Hoffman - 40s, stubble, blood caked onto his clothes.


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(Left) Angel Trap

You then enter into a large room. In the center of the room is Kerry, hung up in a huge contraption. She wears a leather harness, which is secured by a padlock, put on her body and was suspended slightly above the floor by two chains. Attached to her back was a heavy metal device with two mechanical arms, which look like two fold up wings. Additionally, twelve c-shaped metal brackets were laid tightly around her chest, with six brackets on each side of the body. These brackets were hooked into her ribcage and were connected with the contraption on the victim's back by several wires.. In front of her is a beaker, filled with acid (a painted on jar). A nearby TV plays, revealing another Billy message. It says "The device you are wearing is hooked into your ribcage, and by the time this tape is finished, you will have one minute to find a way out. At the end of that minute... you should know better than anyone what happens then." She reaches out to you for help, but you hear a ring. Suddenly, the trap goes off, tearing open her ribs and showing her internal organs (suit hidden by the trap), spraying blood all over you (water), as you exit the room.

Music -

Scareactor Description

Kerry - 30s, wears a suit on the torso made to look like exposed organs


(Right) Glass Coffin

You then enter into a large room. The walls are made out of metal, and in the center of the room is a glass coffin in a slightly reclined upright position. The coffin is filled with shards of glass, and inside is Hoffman (dummy), with a blank emotionless face. On the ceiling of the room is a grate with two oxygen tanks over it, which are connected to the coffin. In front of the coffin is a small tape. It says “The only way to survive this room is by entering the glass box before you. Pain will be incurred, but you will have a chance of survival”. Suddenly, one of the walls start to push forward, as you can hear Strahm screaming in agony. As you back away from the wall, a Pigmen emerges from a hidden door in the other wall, and tries to swing a blade at you. You run towards the next room.

Music -

Scareactor Description

Pig Man - 6ft, wears a pig mask and robe.


(Main) Hallway

You then enter into a short hallway. To your left is a fence filled with TVs, that now shows the aftermath of all of the traps you have experienced. The TVs turn to static again, revealing another BIlly message. It says “Time is now against you. Better hurry up ...”. You then find the last two paths of this haunt.

Music -


(Left) Cycle Trap

You then enter into another large room. In the center of the room is a large funnel, and inside there’s a blade that can be seen spinning. You can barely see a leg hanging from the top of the funnel, as you can hear Mitch panicking and screaming. As you walk by it, blood sprays out from the opening inside the funnel (water), as you hear flesh tearing. After this happens, Mitch’s body emerges from the bottom of the trap (puppet), torn to pieces with most of its flesh gone. You run towards the final room.

Music -


(Right) Laser Collars

You then enter into a small hallway. In the center of the room is a podium, with two buttons. To your right, you see a collar on the floor, and some blood. To your left however, the body of Holloran lies on the floor, his head torn to shreds by the lasers. As you walk past him, his body springs to life, and tries to scare you. As you back away from him, Logan will emerge from behind a corner, and try to fire a gun at you (air). You dash towards the final room.

Music -

Scareactor Description

Halloran - wears a mask that makes the face look disfigured

Logan - 40s, stubble, wears bloodied clothing.


(Main) Bathroom

You then enter into an infamous room in the series ...the bathroom. The room is extremly dark, with the only light being some light pouring from the open door. To the right of you lies the beaten body of Zepp, and Adam is behind him (dummy), reaching out towards you screaming. To your left is the empty open door. Suddenly, Jigsaw walks from behind the door, and looks directly at you. He says “Most people are so ungrateful to be alive, but not you, not anymore. Game over!”. As he says the final line, he slams the door shut, making the room pitch black. Strobe lights then go on, as one final Pig Man emerges from behind a fake wall, and lunges out at you. You dash towards the exit.

Music - SAW Soundtrack - The Final Game Over - YouTube

Scareactor Description

Jigsaw - 50s, has some bloodied clothing

Pig Man - 6ft, wears a pig mask and robe.

Alternate Ending - you then enter into a large room, and it’s different from the typical factory setting ...the room is made of flesh. Each flesh can be seen made into a puzzle piece, as you realize that this is the storage area from all of the Jigsaw pieces from the victims. As you walk past a wall, it opens up (fake wall), revealing another Pig Man. He chases you out towards the maze.
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