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Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway (DHS)

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This probably has a two-year construction timeline. If they want this open in time for SW, it can be finished in August or September 2019.
Why did Disney spend time replacing the audio and scripts for GMR, what 2 years ago? If TCM paid for that then it must of been a short spondership deal. Seems this was not planned for long at least.
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Hard to explain it - but all the little rectangular "city" bits on the test segments were trees like the one on the front left a split second before. Little tringular sort of cones.

They spun around and in the process changed shape into the rectangles.

You can see it in process going left to right..

A tree.

Tree shaped but with projection transition.

Flat shaped but with transition.

Full flat.

Found a gif!!

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