Middle Earth coming to UOR?


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Sep 2, 2009
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Sorry, I probably missed it but what happened? Did somebody give clues about a LOTR expansion recently?
There is a project "ring" and it does have a project number. Unfortunately, I was handed two newer project numbers and I am not sure which one goes with what. The Ring number is either 720 or 228. I have no idea what the other number is all about.
Oh, snap!

[...] it could be what HTF / Parkscope have been hinting at...
^ That was my speculation. ^

We got the codename "ring" but it doesn't have anything to do with LOTR
If you're referring to this:

The rumored project is not Lord of the Rings.
(and if I'm not mistaken) testtrack321 / Parkscope Joe ^ was saying that the project Parkscope (and hatetofly) caught wind of, and hyped on Twitter, was not Lord of the Rings, it was something else. Project Ring could be a different project, which could be LotR in development for a proposal... Just like it could be something else :shrug:

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Feb 26, 2014
Reading @Disneyhead 's post from way back, it's interesting to see how Universal have become the go to theme park company for any outside IP. I don't think Disney will ever secure a big outside IP again (Not that they need to with everything they own and have bought recently)

Disneyhead said that Warner Bros warmed up the Tolkien estate to the idea because how Universal catered to every demand by JK Rowling and we have Mrs Seuss to thank for her crazy demands for Seuss Landing that convinced JK Rowling to work with Universal.


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Jun 21, 2016
Mythology may not be as dated but the attractions aren’t as good as Toon Lagoon. It would be wiser for those to stick around longer. The Lost Continent as it is now will not be missed as anything other than a really well themed pathway to get to Hogsmeade from Seuss.
While I agree the rides at TL are better than the only attraction left at LC (Poseidon); LC truly does make for a perfect transition from Seuss to HP. It’s going to have to be an IP that doesn’t make too jarring of a transition. The reason TL can work on the way to Kong is there is a ton of dead space to ease the transition. If LC got reworked, it would be back to back to back lands, so it’s going to have to be a particular IP.

I don't think TL has ever got the love it deserved from Universal. Popeye's has always been great but Dudley's had the potential to be something truly great with a little attention.
Perfect description for Dudleys. Potential and poorly maintained. It’s janky and, while fun, something that on par with something Six Flags would do if they tried their hardest and did their best. Also known as- universal trying their least and doing their worst.

Reading @Disneyhead 's post from way back, it's interesting to see how Universal have become the go to theme park company for any outside IP.
Because Universal allows the IP holder to work more independently and doesn’t seize full control.
That’s very attractive to a rights holder.
Disney is the opposite and wants full control.
That isn’t attractive to a rights holder.

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Jan 30, 2013
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I recall mentioning a year and two and three years ago, on one of the earlier Epic Universe threads, that Dave @Disneyhead had said that Universal has had an option on the LOTR theme park rights for a bit, but was undecided on whether to take the option since they had a couple of IP's similar in setting (HTTYD, Zelda). And that was after the start date on this thread when the Tolkien's decision making had passed on from Tolkien's son who was tough to deal with. So that info has been floating on IU for quite some time thanks to Disneyhead. So perhaps that TPR article digging up this old info that's been talked about on IU,may be a good sign.

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Feb 26, 2014
Thats an old, old article. This was all settled ages ago.
There is a newer article that was linked to in the Future of Toon Lagoon thread but the conversation has switched here.

Just to remind anybody, just because Universal has worked on or is working on a concept for Lord of the Rings, it doesn’t mean a deal is done.

They had concepts and plans ready to show Nintendo before they signed on the dotted line. No company who values their IP is going to sign it away before they know what they’re getting.


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Aug 7, 2018
I will say, today is the first day I’ve truly felt like LOTR at Universal may be a real possibility. Maybe getting my hopes up too much, but it all fits well together. I did like the fact that TPU mentioned they can no longer find stories on this. Interesting for sure.


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Nov 9, 2013
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It is not!

This is getting interesting...at least, in terms of theme park nerds speculating over this. We got many more reasons to discuss this now I feel.
He said he got in trouble about saying that.
I soooooo hope that Middle Earth will come to Universal. I have the display case with WETA statues of the LOTR movies to prove how big of a fan I am.