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Passholder Lounge coming to USF


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Jul 18, 2012
In the thick of it
Finally poked my head in today, and...meh. Certainly looks and feels a bit nicer than the SeaWorld AP lounge in terms of furnishings and style, which I expected. Give me free Coke products instead of/in addition to the chips/granola bars they offered when I walked in and I would be more interested. Given that they apparently let Coke marketing throw up in there I'm surprised there wasn't a free fountain. If they're considering a permanent version in a different location, I hope its themed to the park (maybe some historical objects/photos/displays) instead of letting the Coke marketing dept. throw up.


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Jul 18, 2008
I hung out for a few minutes in there, got my Sprite and used the freeze feature which I thought was so cool, and got the complimentary bag of chips. I mean a bag of chips at a theme park is like a $3 value. I thought it was great. :lol:
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Obi Ubamba

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Mar 25, 2010
I was disappointed with this lounge when I visited last week. There wasn't enough seating and the design was way too Coke focused. The charging stations and granola bars/chips are a nice touch, but it just isn't enough.

I would much rather have a separate AP line at entry instead of this room.
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Feb 28, 2015
Done the Disney AP line multiple times and it’s just the same as a regular line during busy times. Lounge is better.


Jan 31, 2013
Did the diet coke thing actually happen?

A side note they really have a hard time figuring out what to do with this side of Hollywood, nothing there seems to stay very long lately. Besides the radio studio it's a bunch of storefronts that change every so often and across the way is the cyberimage store and the former T2 Theater. It's a nice area of the park with nothing really to do.


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Jul 18, 2008
Don't understand why this wouldn't just stay. What else would go in here? More retail?


Mar 22, 2018
I know the last time I was in the parks, I felt like that time frame was too tight - ideally, it should have been open when the park was open, to allow people to stroll in throughout the day. Oh well, I guess.
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Dec 24, 2015
I like the 11-4 hours... It's the hottest time of the day, so nice to get away from the heat (and possible rain). And it's and bit before people start getting lit for Mardi Gras (so fewer drunks). We like dropping by for the free snacks during lunch... Though honestly we grab those and eat in the back of Mel's.