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Post Your Pictures


Jun 24, 2014
I'm normally the one behind the camera. So I don't tend to take/have photos of my self. Don't let the pic fool you, I'm really am nice in person.

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Hector Solano

Jun 19, 2016
Kissimmee, FL
I took a wonderful picture this Friday at the Kissimmee Vigil in old town. Please go to my page at Hector L Solano Dr to see the wonderful picture of the end of this event. I'm so sorry that I'm not able to show it to you here but for some reason it says it's to large to post. If you believe in angels you most see this beautiful picture I took.


Legendary Member
Nov 23, 2013
How do I post photos on here it says I have to have image url
Usually, how I do it is by uploading the images to a site like Imgur; upload the image files, and then directly copy the image (as opposed to the url, sue me) and paste on the forum sites.

Now that doesn't work all the time (and sometimes, I even use Snapping Tool just for simplicity on some occasions); but that's how I do it.


Jan 25, 2009
Somerville, MA
I saw this thread come up in the New Posts feed feature the other day and realized my earliest photos here were from *a decade ago* now.

Just saw this thread, figured-- why not?

This one was taken towards the end of 2009.

This one was taken a few days ago in class. The face was because I did not want my friend to take a picture. She obliged. Posting this one so you guys can see my hair in its current state, even though I hate how I came out in the photo itself.

So I got stuck in a washing machine the other day...
I thought it'd be fun to post a little "where they are now" update:

I joined this forum while I was in middle school down in Miami, and now I'm twenty-four and live in Boston. It'll break my brain if I think about it too much.