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Feb 1, 2008
South FL
This is what happens when I wear contacts and a ski hat to stay warm.

I think I'll go join up with Panic! at the Disco and then slit my wrists for a bit. :lol:

Brian G.

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Jan 21, 2008
Orlando, FL
Actually, Panic isnt very emo at all. There new CD is a totally different sound than their first one. My Chemical Romance fits that bill better. :lol:
Mar 29, 2008
Orlando, Florida

Old Skool UO (Taken in July of 1990)

Me at the Test Track fastpass machines

OMG I'm covered in blood.. I told you I sometimes act like Dr. Holmes lol.. Its actually me at the American Cancer Society Haunted Houses.. I help design it and work it.

Me with the voice of the Crypt Keeper (Spring of 2006)

The perfect shirt for a perfect park lol

I'll post more at another time..
Mar 29, 2008
Orlando, Florida
Thanks and many people like the bloody pic. Its almost look like I'm a Indiana Jones but jones turn into a seriel killer lol. I almost forgot about these pics..

Both taken in the Spring of 1990
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