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SeaWorld Orlando's Sesame Street

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I'm gonna take a guess here and say that was probably Ernie you heard.
The more I think about it, that makes sense. :lol: I was a little curious about how the rights work between Disney and Sesame Place if they could both use Kermit.

Even so, amazing themed land regardless.
Sesame Street parade is officially back and it's absolutely wonderful. Just a rush of good vibes and everyone is going all out in the cast for the reopening. Saw it three times and uncontrollably smiled for the whole show every time. I heavily recommend it for anyone with access to Seaworld Orlando.

Like I said before, the whole land is pretty damn great. A well-made dark ride is all it needs to be one of the best lands in Orlando imo. I really enjoy what they've done here.
Meant to post this when I took the pictures on Friday.

SeaWorld is re-theming the Sea Carousel and incorporating it into Sesame Street Land (finally):

Guessing Zamperla gave them a deal on the new figures since they're building a matching one as part of the new Sesame Place in California.
I see that San Antonio's updated their parade for Mardi Gras, I wonder if we can expect the same down the road. Would do a great job of keeping families coming back year-round while removing that springtime rut where the normal version plays for 8 months before switching out for the Halloween and Christmas editions.

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Wouldn't be surprising since SeaWorld is advertising a Mardi Gras celebration as part of Seven Seas again this year.
Maybe next year but I wouldn't expect it for 2022. Basically only because standard parade is already back and rehearsal process would have begun for something like that by now.