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Snow White’s Scary Adventures Upgrade

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Went on this Friday. Although I did see a few images, I didn't watch the POV so I could experience this form myself in person.

For the most part, I thought the changes were great! They added a little zaz to the ride and displayed more kinetics to the more dead spots on the ride. My biggest fear was that they would get rid of virtually all of the scary elements which seemed to be hinted at with the name change. While they did make some more darker parts of the ride a little more colorful, the more cheerful aesthetics didn't intrude on the scarier portions of the ride. I will say that I miss the scary forest toward the end, but they did a great job making the story for the ride cohesive, which is what they envisioned for this ride to begin with. I also like how they managed to incorporate the old ending into the new segment as well! The changes did a great job adding more life to places that were needed, making the ride feel more complete in its storytelling, and keeping the scary elements where they should be. Well done Disney!

Scrutinizing for fault here, I would say the biggest faults I could find (albeit small) were getting rid of the golden apple at the entrance. I missed being able to grab that and hear the witch's laugh. Also, I wasn't thrilled at how they made the tone of the dungeon in the queue more cheerful. The whole point of that was to foreshadow that the ride would be scary. While the ride has been lightened up a bit, the witch's lair is still present in the ride, which can be frightening for children. I think it was a total design flaw to "cheer-up" this scene in the queue because this can be misleading for parents to think this is 100% not scary. Now, you can argue that this ride has been here since Moses and everyone knows the witch is in this ride, but you're giving the GP too much credit here. :lol: But that's just some nit-picks I have and I found the changes to be overall for the better.