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Premium Member
Jul 17, 2014
From @Alicia, it has been apparent that the Beverly Hills Boulangerie, located near the entrance; has closed.

Yup. At least that's what I am hearing. Work walls should go up tomorrow. Still waiting on photographic evidence, and I won't be able to make it to the parks till I get better (hopefully soooon!)

I updated the project numbers thread with this info, it is Project 633. Interior and exterior renovation.

Hearing this will be a brand new dining spot themed to a Comcast property.

Mad Dog

Premium Member
Jan 30, 2013
Pittsburgh area
As I said on the project number thread, this used to be our fav morning/early lunch spot at USF. But we cut down our time there the last 3 to 4 years since the food and especially the service had declined. As long as the food and service are good, that's the key.
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Staff member
Sep 22, 2011
I was gonna say the same thing about Today Show and the Hollywood location. It wouldn't shock me as Comcast is all about cross-promotion of their brands when it comes to the parks, but a Today show-themed cafe would make a lot more thematic sense in, say, the location of Monsters Cafe.