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Volcano Bay: General Discussion


Feb 28, 2016
Volcano bay could be affected hard by this, how long do you guys think it will be remain closed after Sunday?


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May 19, 2013
2-5 days. They will throw everything but the kitchen sink at it with landscaping standing up palms and maintenance fluffing up anything that is broken.
I'm betting on next Friday. I'm thinking every pool and river will have to be drained an cleaned at least. If it was dead of Summer there would be more of a rush, but as it seems to have been slightly slower, I think the weekend will be the push.

Frank Drackman

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Dec 20, 2012
Steel is steel so i would think that there is a lot at VB that should fair well, I'm not sure those roofs are as week as they are made to appear like, but yes, the vinyl covers can tear easily, but they may be stronger than we think.

The vegetation at all the parks though...lots of big canopies which is really bad for blocking strong winds....the winds tend to win...
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Dan B

Mar 22, 2016
First I have ever seen of this faux bamboo treatment. I guess I was hoping for something like it on the stairs and supports inside the volcano. :(

I see this the other day and also wondered when that happened, this is exactly what they need around all of the exposed steel such as stair supports etc, it would look fantastic.

Couple of videos below of VB trees getting a good thrashing, most of them still have supports around from what I have seen so hopefully that helps them stay upright. Vinyl covers seem to be intact.

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