Waits and Uptime Reports - Hagrid’s Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure


Sep 4, 2018
They're also absolutely inflating the wait times with the expectations of delays. My 75 minute wait amounted to just over 30 minutes without any hiccups - queue never stopped moving after the preshow.
I know from previous reports they had been inflating wait times to potentially account for delays, but over the last couple of days the times have seemed relatively low, and seemingly up all day.

After last week's day and a half closure was just wondering/speculating if they might have finally worked out the kinks and brought this up to near full capacity (along with adjusting wait times back to "normal").

Will be down there in a week and a half so I guess I'll see for myself (although it's expected to be rammed with the oncoming of spring break crowds).


Apr 11, 2014
We are visiting now for my 64th birthday Yea!. Yesterday we arrived at the IOA gates at 8:15 and they opened them up at 8:45. When we got to the attraction at 9:00 there were no vehicles running and one set of cars with stopped on the track with passengers. Not a good sign. Posted wait at 9:00 was 45 minutes. We made it to room before the room with the special ceiling. Had one additional stoppage and then finally got on about 945 so accurate wait but it definitely would be shorter if running smoother. Later that morning posted wait time was 300 minute but by afternoon I saw a 50 minute post around 2 PM.

Actually this is my favorite coaster as I found HRR way too rough and even Hulk seemed rougher than the last visit. I know I am older, but it seems more shaking then right after the refurb. Saving the Mummy for today though:) I still love Spiderman the best of all. You just cant bet the physical effects in that ride and I always break out into a smile when the Spiderman theme song finishes just as the Scoop pulls into unload and the doors open.

Finally - must be a lot of new visitors here this week as a lot of applause as rides finished. It made me so happy to see people enjoying themselves.