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Blue Man Group Replacement Rumors


Premium Member
Mar 30, 2015
A WWE Hall of Fame would go over about as well as The NBA Experience…
I mean, it would go over slightly better than that. Put in the exhibits they have at Mania Axxess each year, some belts, a Cut A Promo/ Do Your Favorite Wrestler's Entrance, bring a couple guys out for autographs every month. You'll outdraw the NBA Experience, but not by a lot.


Contributing Member
Sep 6, 2021
I have also heard this from scareactors who work at the soundstages and have seen the work for the show set-up going on.

Maybe it's an Earl the Squirrel holiday show... ;)

I have never seen Grinchmas, but what soundstage is the show usually in?

Mad Dog

Premium Member
Jan 30, 2013
Pittsburgh area
Grinchmas is our 'Favorite' theme park show. We generally catch it 4 or 5 times when we're on vacation at Universal during the Holiday Season. It will be interesting
to see it in a theater setting, if the rumor holds true.


Veteran Member
Jul 27, 2015
So, more seating per show? Raised stage? And they can start setting up earlier this way?
The stage is raised, but it’s a bit small than what they typically use.

The real benefit is the tiered seating (assuming they open it up).
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Veteran Member
Jul 27, 2015
I think it’s possible the old stage is totally gone and a new one is there. Big benefit is the exterior covered queue and the dedicated food and restrooms.
I’m curious the path they use from Islands. The straightest shot is through the Screamhouse path and breezeway, but that brings you to the back of the theater rather than the entrance.


Veteran Member
Sep 29, 2014
The biggest negative here is that it’ll be a noticeably longer walk. SS18 is pretty much in USF for all intents and purposes.
The walk is the worst part of the show (not just length-wise, more presentation-wise). I know it wouldn’t make sense, but just moving the show to USF and letting people get a permanent entrance would be a big upgrade IMO.


Veteran Member
Nov 9, 2013
The Netherlands
Maybe the utilize trams to transport people as they also need them when they open Epic Universe?
I love the show, seen it first in the streets and later in the studio. Wonderful if the production can grow even more into a real theater.