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Cedar Point


Veteran Member
Dec 14, 2012
Cincinnati, OH
I like the Mine Ride. It's a good little family coaster, of which CP doesn't have many. Honestly, Blue Streak could go away and I wouldn't cry. I have no idea on whether or not it is still popular at all or not. Maybe retrack it completely (GCI's new track, perhaps) to improve the ride. The Corkscrew should leave. It is as uncomfortable a ride as can be for myself. Kneebanger, headbanger, and backbreaker. Take Dragster and Corkscrew out and consider a B&M multi-looper or look at Mack for a multi-launch looper.


Legendary Member
Nov 23, 2013
To talk about this a bit varied, markings have been spotted around Dragster with bushes and foilage being removed at specific points. Additionally, lights are now fully on the structure, as the tower is lit at night.

Additionally, Dragster has been finally taken off of Fast Lane marketing.


Veteran Member
Mar 17, 2015
Burbank, CA
Removing this problematic coaster would improve the park greatly. It was always a terrible addition.

While they're over there, can they repaint the Iron Dragon supports back to their original white? And bring back the misting fog during the finale knot? Add cool lighting too.