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Jan 28, 2017
BBC News: Walt Disney to start own online streaming services in US for movies, shows and sports ... directly to consumers. It will launch an ESPN-branded sports service early next year and a Disney streaming service in 2019.

The firm also said it would end a distribution deal with Netflix.

Disney plans to take majority ownership of BAMTech, a video-streaming company started by Major League Baseball. Disney will pay $1.58bn (£1.2bn) to increase its stake in the firm from 33% to 75%."
I'm assuming they'll just expand Disney Life to include the Marvel, Lucasfilm etc etc
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It is also supposed to be expanded outside of the US once certain things are setup so Canada then more than likely the UK and other parts of Europe.
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I guess in the long-term is cancelling Netflix relationship re Lucasfilm / Marvel inevitable (to move customers across). Netflix down 3%

BBC "Disney said its distribution deal with Netflix for 'new' Disney and Pixar movies would end in 2019, with discussions ongoing about the fate of 'Star Wars and Marvel franchises'. The news sent Netflix shares down almost 3% in after hours trade."
BBC "Disney investors may still need to be convinced. Shares in the company fell about 3.8% in after-hours trade, despite the announcement."
The Marvel stuff coming off Netflix was actually removed from the announcement not long after it had been released
This streaming service will very likely be run by BAMTech as Disney purchased them recently and they run the MLB and NHL streaming apps which run seamlessly.
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I believe they mentioned that they would be using BAMTech for this and that ESPN streaming service coming next year.
Didn't hear the BAMTech part (although not surprised), but did hear about ESPN. Supposedly "early 2018".

This was bound to happen sooner or later considering the amount of content Disney owns. The question now is can they execute it successfully?

Also, I don't think it's any coincidence that they announced the Millarworld acquisition the day before Disney announced this. They were down 6% in the markets after Disney made their announcement.
Didn't Disney already try this in the UK?
Yes, I have a free 12 month subscription to Disney Life, it's currently nothing to write home about. - I get most of the movies on Sky, and the music on Spotify.

The only interesting videos are the behind the scenes and history of Disney type ones.
In U.K. (Was £15 month in 2015 I think), then definitely £10, then £8 literally last weekend, now £5! Desperate times.

That said, streaming of three live Disney channels for £5 a month sounds good value - their free trial may just suck us in!
A few years ago, Thomas Cook were giving 12 DVDs to anybody who bought a Disney holiday, I can see the same thing happening here. A 12 month subscription for anybody booking a Disney holiday. It's small things like that, that can sway people.
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