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Little birdie flying around during testing says the Pocahontas segment is in the show still.

Granted, any reports of the new show sequence did mention Pocahontas in the list of characters. The big question is how much of her original sequence is still there, since if it's pretty much the same...hooooooo boy.
It will be interesting to see how this affects the crowd patterns for DHS. Without Fantasmic, it seemed like DHS was very crowded early in the day and mid afternoon, but not so much in the evening. Perhaps the
crowd will be be spread out now.
They could have cut the whale and Mickey drowning part before it

That transition is a little clunky

Otherwise I like this
I like the whole new segment, my only gripe is that with the show being down so long, would it have killed them to finally replace the old puppet dragon and give us the cool dragon that Disneyland has? I mean, even if we got that upgrade, Disneyland still would've had the entire pirate segment on us (which there's really nothing they can do about here), but at least it would be as close to a full and up to speed for 2022 upgrade as the show can get. It just feels like they stopped halfway.