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Future of Jurassic Park River Adventure

Do you want River Adventure to get the Hollywood treatment or stay JP?

  • Keep it JP

    Votes: 81 34.9%
  • Bring on the iRex

    Votes: 151 65.1%

  • Total voters


Veteran Member
Nov 3, 2015
Cabana Bae
Ok everyone, summoning circle for E.T. and CitH AA refurbs....

Rode CITH a few nights back, lots of effects working that we're previously off... but the ride still looks dirty in some areas. Hopefully these minor refurbs include some deep cleaning/painting jobs

Very glad to see the lagoon scene getting work, but wow... I really don't think the ride should be open in that condition. That's very not-great show.

When it reopened they didn't even have any of the faux greenery, just a bare chain link fence.


Veteran Member
Dec 14, 2012
Cincinnati, OH
Nothing says "Welcome to Jurassic Park" more than the gates opening up to nothing