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Feb 15, 2008
Deltona, Florida
Has anyone ever been to Gatorland? Did you like it/or not? Anything crazy ever happen to you when you were there? Is it worth a half day for tourists?
I'll start off with a crazy story. I was there several years ago with my parents who had never been. We are walking down the main path by the front lake and I notice something off the path down by the weeds moving around. Yep, holy **it it's a giant gator, got out of the fenced in parts and he's heading on up for some tourist snacks! Well, we grabbed an employee really quickly and before ya know it there's about 6 guys trying to catch/rope the gator back into the lake. Can you imagine if a little kid had wandered off the path to pet it? It was about 4 feet away from us, scary!! Since then I noticed that they don't have any gators in this part of the lake anymore.
I haven't been since I was a kid but I remember loving it. We live less than a mile away yet we've never been since living here. I want to go but I can't convince my girlfriend that anybody other than rednecks go. :lol: Isn't it only like $20 these days?
I really dont have an interest to do it if its just looking at gators. heck - I can goto any swamp down here and see gators. Corkscrew Swamp in Naples is an Audobon Santuary and is a wonderful place for finding gators and nature in the wild.

What else does Gatorland have?

I really want to do an everglades airboat tour some time. It just seems really neat and fun. Plus every book on the Florida Everglades has pictures of it.
I love Gatorland, it is a lot of fun. Is it flashy, no. Is it a step back in Florida tourism yes. If you have never been go, ride the train, walk around the park. The Gator Jumparoo is so cool. They have a number of animals and snakes.

It is just a nice interesting place. It is great to see all the Brits, they are amazed by the Gators. I have seen gators in the wild, Hell I have seen them beside me on my jet Ski. But this park is just special.

Just try it the price is not bad and it is a good way to kill 3-4 hours.
They have actually added quite a bit recently, there is a pretty cool themed water area for kids and they expanded the park a few years back. Although of course a little corny the shows are pretty entertaining. My favorite thing is though they will sell you a pack of hotdogs and you break off pieces to thow to the gators. Sledge you should go sometime, if you haven't been since you were little it's got some nice improvements now.
I enjoy Gatorland, great place to snap some decent shots of animals, the Gator Jumparoo show is pretty entertaining too, especially with the deep woods redneck humor in it. I usually get the buy one day come back all year pass they offer later in the year, but am prob gonna go ahead and get the annual pass this time around.
I love Gatorland, but I haven't been in who knows how long. I remember feeding the gators bread, though. That's pretty much the only memory I have about that place.
I've been there just the once. It was nothing spectacular, but we still saw more gators than we did at the Glades! I'm pretty sure it was here that a southern lady got very angry at the staff, and branded the place "inhumane" because they were doing some crazy stuff with the gators.
It's not like they are doing anything that would hurt the gators!
And I'll tell you what, if feeding live gators little pieces of hotdogs is wrong, then I don't ever want to be right.
It's not like they are doing anything that would hurt the gators!
And I'll tell you what, if feeding live gators little pieces of hotdogs is wrong, then I don't ever want to be right.
To be honest, I don't know what her and her family thought they could get out of going there.