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HHN 29: Yeti: Terror of the Yukon


Veteran Member
Jun 28, 2017
based off the description we'll probably have a
- wrecked cabin facade
- cave room
- some victim scares
- "cringe at the sight of blood" makes me think this haunt will be brutal


Contributing Member
Jan 23, 2019
Anyone ever play the videogame Until Dawn? That has wendigo rather than yeti, but I am expecting a similiar 'feel' for this house and that game. Woods, cabins, caves and snow with the creatures hunting you.
It was pretty creepy

Pedro Navarro

May 10, 2018
Yeah I feel like it's got an Until Dawn feeling to it but it also sorta reminds me of a movie from the 80s called The Terror Within, idk I can't really put my finger on it but I love the concept, this house will definitely be one of the first ones on my list to try out opening night. :)

Pedro Navarro

May 10, 2018
If it could probably some kind of broken into cabin, I feel like they'll throw us into the middle of the action, the survivors are trying to seek refuge in one of the cabins and the Yeti's are already on the attack and it becomes a chase from there.


Contributing Member
Sep 26, 2013
Morrison, CO
I'm obsessed with Bigfoot folklore so this is a Dream come true. I'm going to be so immersed in this house! I don't know why they called it Yeti though. (Yeti is from the Nepal region and Sasquatch is Canada)