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HHN Hollywood Speculation/News - 2013

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I don't know guys. I think Monsters Remix Resurrection was the best. I mean the detail was so amazing. It was as if it were built as a year round haunted house...
I strongly disagree at least on my end about this, it was just a rehash of last years maze as well is being just HOH with more scareactors.
Not the event as in maze operations, but I was very close to WD's (and metro in general) operations in a sense. We were not far away at one time!
Ah, I have a good idea of what you mean by that. We could have seen/passed each other if you ever went up to Dino Cafe.

I loved The Thing and Insidious but Halloween and TCM will be my all time favorite.
Halloween and The Thing are my two all time favorites. Friday the 13th, TCM, and Nightmare on Elm Street (all based on original series) are runners up. My Bloody Valentine gets honorable mention.
I'm not sure if this is true or not, but word is that the fountains in Universal Plaza accidentally went off while people were waiting in line for El Cucuy.

If that's true...LOL.
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