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Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit

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That should be the real news maker. :lol:

Yeah, which is strange since it only seems to be packed when I try to take someone new on it.
If the coaster goes through the window that will rock hard.
This window located near Twister.
To me, it looks like it is going through buildings three separate times...interesting :O

EDIT: I lied. it appears as if I'm seeing things >.<;
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The ride looks incredibly short to me. :shrug:

Actually, not really. It looks like it'll be a slow-paced coaster, but not necessarily short. I can see that it has at least 3 EBR's in it. :shrug:

The one side looks like someone just scribbled up some lines and was like "yeah go with that"
It's odd.

Actually, you won't believe how many coasters start with that concept. :lol: