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Horror Nights Wish List - Orlando


May 24, 2018
What is everyone’s favorite icon and who you looking forward to the most to see in the icon house? What you think their room or rooms will be?


Jun 16, 2017
Haines City, FL
God SCP is a dream house for me, how well it could fit into the HHN vibe is perfect. Blaring alarms, terrifying creatures, etc. I just wonder how attaining the rights to something that weird would even work, hahah.
SCP is all Creative Commons, so if they really wanted to use the IP all they would need to do rights wise is credit the original creators and provide a link to the original works, if I recall correctly.

I'd be totally pumped for an SCP house. A ton of great stuff could come out of that.
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Living Dead Dude

Veteran Member
Apr 7, 2019
With all of this merch talk I would love to see little figures of all the icons or something. My jack figure is great and all but I would love a figure of usher and director and caretaker!!


Apr 21, 2013
Playing through Doom 3 for the first time since 2005....and I gotta say....this game deserves a house. So many awesome creature designs, intense atmosphere.

Make the first two thirds of the house the Mars station and the last third Hell.
May 9, 2020
idk if this counts as a repost or not, since i already posted this in the 'Make Your Own HHN thread" but I have a new house idea, the house will be called 'Metallica: Portal To Darkness.' the basic premise will be that in the middle of recording their latest song 'Portal To Darkness' a rift has opened up in the recording studio, when the wall panels open up (just two doors painted to blend in with the wall) another dimension is unveiled, one home to sinister creatures ripped from Metallica's songs. The first few scenes will take place in the recording studio itself, where the walls open up revealing a portal to a nightmarish dimension. After this, we progress through the infamous HHN revolving tunnel with a huge amount of strobe lights, and flashing neon lights. First up is Enter Sandmsn, we're placed in a bedroom, that seems normal, but has a sinister undertone. we're being stalked by the boogeyman, there's three scares in this scene: the boogeyman pops out from under the bed, from the closet door, and from a picture frame in the hallway that opens up (similar to Krampus from HHN26). Enter Sandman could be in sync with the scare. the moment the singer says "Hush little baby don't say a word, nevermind the noise you heard." the boogeyman pops out from under the bed for a good scare. Next Song, 'Now That We're Dead' this is a unique scene, in that this scene will be split into two. First half is a Cemetary with the undead popping out of their graves, we briefly enter an overgrown mausoleum with the undead rising up from coffins. Second half is pretty unique, we're now in the underworld, red rocks outline the path, we can feel the heat, and then BAM! A skeleton holding an Electric Guitar pops out from behind one of the red rocks, this scene is mostly filled with scares from the skeletons holding electric guitars popping out from behind the red rocks, we enter a tunnel of strobe lights, and enter the last song scene. we're now in 'To Whom The Bell Tolls.' A major city has been taken over by the undead, we exit the strobe tunnel, and are in the sewers deep below the city, we can hear water dripping, an infected sewage treatment worker lunges out at us wielding a bloody pickaxe (a reference to My Bloody Valentine) we progress through the sewers with more infected sewage treatment workers lunging out at us. we exit the sewers, and are now in a back alleyway, to our left and to our right are two GIANT facades with two infected residents lunging at us from the fire escape stairs, we can hear a news broadcast being played on the television inside. another infected resident pops out of a broken apartment window to our left (holding a bloody baseball bat) we get one final scare from another infected resident wearing a metallica shirt. we enter the final strobe light tunnel, and enter the final scene. we're back at the recording studio, the whole studio has turned into chaos. The dark entity has escaped from the portal, and has now possessed all the band members of Metallica. the security guards are also possessed. and the studio has turned into a madhouse. most of the scares will be coming from possessed band members/possessed security guards. the house ends with one final scare from the demonic entity itself. So what do you all think of my house idea?
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Aug 18, 2017
Thinking about the mannequin theatre house we'll hopefully get to experience next year, I feel like a house that takes place in an old nuclear testing site being hunted by the remains of the mannequins used there would be cool--they would be all rusted, which would heighten the scary factor.