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So Cedar Point is going with a new manufacturer for Top Thrill Dragster to redo the launch and vehicles and quite possibly extend the coaster. I bring this up because TTD and Xcellerator both use similar parts as they're both the same "make" of coaster under the same manufacturer.

There was a rumor that Knott's was looking at either sacrificing TTD or Xcellerator as both had maintenance issues keeping them from continuing ops as is. Now that TTD is getting rebooted by a new manufacturer, they will most likely salvage the same parts from TTD for Xcellerator. They just repainted Xcellerator before the ride shut down, so imagine they want to get a little more operation out of it.

I'm going to say it will reopen by the end of this year. The priority seems to be getting Monty/Fiesta Village done by mid-Summer.
I feel like this is the most reasonable answer. Screamscape was also reporting what you mentioned about Cedar Fair maybe just scrapping their Intamin launch coasters all together, but I hadn't heard about the new manufacturer for Top Thrill Dragster so the same thing may very well happen with Xcellerator. Their priority right now should be on getting Fiesta Village complete.
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It sucks for most kids who are trying to go but I get it. I see so many comments online on how bad some of these teens act they had to do something
Fiesta Village is opening May 26th Per the Knotts Website.
This Summer, the reimagination of Fiesta Village is revealed with refreshed rides, new cuisine and live entertainment from park open to close, culminating in a nighttime street party in the entire village. Lively entertainment continues throughout the park with the return of seasonal favorites Ghost Town Alive! and Summer Nights.
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Fiesta Village is opening May 26th Per the Knotts Website. Monty?

They must really be running behind on Monty because they're nowhere near done. Summer is just about here. Oooof.
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I was just at Knott's over the weekend, and aside from Monte (which still has a very torn up queue that's mostly still just dirt... it's gonna be a while for that), all the other attractions in Fiesta Village were open: Hat Dance, Wave Swinger (though it has a new name), Dragon Swing, La Revolucion (with it's new details now on), Carousel, Jaguar, and Sol Spin (which still needs its details) were all open. Just many walls still up while they finish up floors. Path between FV and Supreme Scream was still closed off.
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Hopefully by Scary Farm?

Summer crowds will feel pretty heavy this summer with Xcelerator still down through the summer as well (unless its coming back soon but have not heard any rumors on that opening back up)
I would seriously doubt it. I saw the area over the weekend, and it's all dirt and destruction. There's no way it'll be finished this year.

If they really wanted too it could be done in 2/3 months. Honestly there is one week of track install that’s it ( a loop
and some straight track, footers already done) and the rest is just really just a redo of the queue/station but from concept art It’s the same structure.

If it’s just about getting the work done and no real delays (idk why they has 1.5 years to make the track and stuff) it’s really up to Knotts when they want it done.
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The app and website have been updated with the new Fiesta Village restaurants.
  • The old Fiesta Dogs is now Baja Taqueria serving fish and birria tacos.
  • The old Cantina is now Papas Mexicanas serving loaded fries. Basically, Papa Loca moved here and got renamed. (Dining Plan eligible)
  • The new Casa California Restaurant is serving burritos, birria quesadillas and tamales. (Dining Plan eligible)
There's also mentions of a Baja Poke Bowl but not sure where it'll be served. Probably Casa California.

Over at Longboards at Soak City, they've added a salmon burger to the menu.

Nice to see carne asada fries are back. Hope their birria is legit.

Also, Old Betsy is back from refurb.
I was at the event last night for Fiesta Village and can report that it looks great! They did a lot in a small area. Jaguar's smoke effect coming back was a highlight for me, along with the area outside the entrance of the ride (which looks awesome at night). Finally getting rid of those midway games was a good call.

All of the rides look refreshed with new paint, the updated stage area looks nice and the new build your own burrito restaurant Casa California was good with plenty of seating where the old arcade was. There is also a new bar to the right of the stage that I'm sure will be a hit.

Another highlight was the nighttime entertainment, Calle Celebración. They had some really cool projection and pyro work being done on Jaguar's pyramid that went along with the show, which has like 3 stages across the land. They really went all out for this one so I recommend checking it out if you're going to be at the park.
I get they're working with what they have, but it's pretty embarrassing that they're doing a whole media celebration for an unfinished land whose marquee attraction remains MIA with no clear return date. I am also really frustrated by the theme park "media" organizations that have completely failed to press this issue or hold the park accountable for whatever is going on with Montezuma (not to mention Xcelerator and other SBNO experiences).