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Legoland Florida

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I think this is similar to how Legoland California has a SeaLife Aquarium next door. A small second gate that's a half-day experience for younger kids.
It's funny I saw some theme park channels praising Merlin for investing in Legoland

Does charging a separate ticket for an expansion invalidate it or.....
They can fund it or not as much as they want to on packages. I think it is a smart play for now. They need serious expansion plans long term tho.
I would guess they'll have a "real" name for it and that's just a reference to give people the idea of what it is.

Also, hope they have a gift shop outside the gates so I won't have to buy a ticket to get a t-shirt...

The Cypress Gardens canal boats are BACK!!

New pirate themed boat ride in the gardens! Really cool how they are keeping up with the history of the property

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Surprised I haven't seen more discussion on this, Peppa Pig theme park is open. First new theme park in Central Florida since Legoland 10 years ago, I believe.

World's first Peppa Pig theme park opens in Winter Haven, Florida

Take that Epic Universe! :lol:

Seems to be a decent time for the very little ones and I like the expanded accessibility features they have from opening. Very nice precedents to set for the future of attractions like this.
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It does look like a wonderful addition honestly, especially if you're the kind of parent who doesn't really want to go to a full theme park and only use/stay in the kiddie area anyway.

That said PPTP is a terribly funny acronym. Hey, sometimes I'm a kid too. lol
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I think we'll see more of these theme parks aimed specifically at preschoolers. SeaWorld's push to build more Sesame Place parks has just begun, and I'm sure we'll see Peppa popping up somewhere else as well. They don't cost much to build but make a lot of money...