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Tchoup Chop at Royal Pacific to Close

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What is up with this thread? Since when does a character breakfast have anything to do with they'll serve for Lunch and Dinner? See: 'Ohana, Trattoria Al Forno, etc.
I don't think you will bring in a big name allowing a character breakfast. Simple. If you don't care about a signature place okay.
Neat if you can read their mind. I prefer some upscale options. I think a lot of their partnership s have done well. I believe the last splash was Voodoo. Do they own that? I prefer Toothsome without having a single doughnut yet.
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Neat if you can read their mind. I prefer some upscale options. I think a lot of their partnership s have done well.

Not mind reading, just pointing out recent history of them replacing “named” establishments with their own concept.

I’d also argue Vivo is just as upscale as Tchoup Chop was, so I don’t think they’re incapable of doing a restaurant like that on their own
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Kimbie cream needed. I like fine dining when away from home. Just me:thumbsup: I live in Montana. Great steaks here too.:celebrate:
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Uni generally hasn’t been bringing in big names for their newer restaurants tho. They’ve been doing everything in house.

Exactly. I would not be surprised if Universal introduced their own Polynesian/Asian fusion restaurant in this space and the name The Tahitian Room definitely hints at that.
Meh. I can go there at home. Even then I would rather go to a restaurant that isn’t a glorified chain
I'd be thrilled if that chain were Trader Vic's.

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This is a theme park forum, a shadow in the wrong place in a photo is enough to send folks into jumping to conclusions based on baseless speculation. (They could just be using the room temporarily for this breakfast. It is a full kitchen that still gets used for the Luaus too IIRC.)
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Have you been to a character breakfast? I absolutely guarantee that Bice or the Palm will not be hosting one. I know the Palm is stand alone. But jeebus, how about another nice place at RP? I stay there.

They were using a tent style place at Sapphire for the minion breakfast. I had wanted to go, I love minions:shrug:. The location kept me from booking it. I didn't like the idea of eating breakfast in what would be a stuffy humid tent in Florida summer. So? Maybe this is just moving the location for the summer months?