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Oct 16, 2008
Chicago, IL
I could not find a topic about this yet. Is anyone here on twitter? I just started tweeting today and wanted to find out of any of you are on it. My name on twitter is ghostrider455.
I don't have it, but do find it interesting after hearing about in on a couple of radio shows I listen to when they talked about it.

Are you supposed to update it multiple times a day? or just daily?

I like how it has to be short and simple.
I update like crazy on Facebook...and I have Twitter, but I neglect it. I guess I just don't see what's better about it than Facebook...unless it's for people that don't want others stalking them on FB...but then what's the fun in that? :p

I'm wvugrrrl on Twitter.
I'm going to check it out now... never really saw the purpose, but whatever-let's see how it goes!

I'm kirby_is_kyaan over there too, shockingly enough. :wave:
I use it occasionally, but for whatever reason I prefer the actual Twitter site.... constant failings and all. :lol: And I most definitely would rather use the actual facebook page, seeing as TweetDeck only allows you to check status updates and update your own status.