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Universal's Epic Universe Construction Thread

I am sure They have not made this decision yet . They are watching how Disney does with NO Annual Passes. If Disney has to backtrack and offer them again .That will be figured into the decision Over Epic AP's . They are trying to get to Disney level on AP Pricing .4 Disney Parks out of State were $1299.00 when they were offered . I Figure 4 park Premiere will be in $1300.00 range, preferred out of state will be around $1000.00 Doubt they will leave original 2 park pass available.
Uni cares more about AP holders, as such I don't think they'll be super aggressive. Premier going up by a lot would make sense though, because they get express after 4, and every day I see a lot of those. I also could see it where they go with a grandfathering in of the current passes, but encourage them to upgrade. All by all, I think the biggest unknown is twofold: what does the opening of epic do to the existing parks immediately, and how will things balance out.
I'm not sure if BioReconstruct visits these forums or not but, if he does can I request some photos of the 912 site construction?

Stuff is going vertical!