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Dan B

Mar 22, 2016
If the ends of the straps and the hook are made from plastic the plastic will be harder than you think, lets put it this way the hook hole would more than likely give and the hook pop from the rubber hole before snapping. Im not saying it can't break though, also what on earth would you be doing to tear that off your wrist that hard :lol:


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May 19, 2013
Or maybe so rain doesn't affect it? Especially drying concrete maybe?
Possible, but we didn't see any tents for any of the initial construction. Unless they are on a hard timetable and the forecast is showing rain daily, they'd just wait for a dry day or even a block of dry hours. It doesn't take that long for concrete to set up.


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Oct 12, 2009
North of the Wall
Someone on here spoke of the surfacing of the pools lifting from the base concrete. There was some issue with that in the rivers as I recall. Perhaps this is that issue.


Jan 4, 2017
Apparently the expansion plot is 5 acres per a CNN report from May. Given that Universal will probably want the world's longest water coaster (currently at 1,763 feet), any additional attractions would likely be intertwined with the coaster.
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Sep 23, 2012
I doubt it. It is more a factor of being able to be viewed from above now that guests are in the park. A whole lot of ugly.
if they are relaying concrete could it also be be to help keep the weather off so it doesn't get wet or cure to quick causing the same issues again?


Jan 4, 2017
I also noticed a light hanging from the tent in one of bio's photos, so it looks like at least some of the work will be done at night.


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May 20, 2015
Upper Lower
What is in the building on the expansion pad? Isn't that creative?
With the creative office overlooking the south property would they expand that and use this space for more expansion or support for VB?

On the subject of the tent I would think it is for both concealment and to offer some protection to the workers while protecting the work in progress. Too many positives not to do it when they had a ready made space for it.

As far as workers up cutting holes in the supports for DD/DC. I worked high steel doing just that when the temps were 100+ out west. Torch or not you just roll with it and keep working. Sometimes being covered in sweat is a plus when you are making sparks.