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peaches magee

Veteran Member
Feb 1, 2008
Sweltering South FL
Disney urged to by EA

Ok figured that this could go in here, gamer related...

The Wall Street Journal says that following the recent hits to EA stock the time is right for Disney to make a move.

The Wall Street Journal (thanks Kotaku) reports or should we says suggests that Disney should make a monumental move and buy mega-publisher EA.

Why exactly does The Wall Street Journal have this advice? There's a number of reasons. Firstly, EA's stock has taken a big hit over recent weeks meaning its price has also fallen significantly. Secondly, the Disney-owned ESPN would benefit the Madden NFL series and Disney could cut some of its $200 million it spends on video game development by moving the projects over to EA studios.

Kotaku also notes that there could also be some lucrative intellectual property sharing, with the likes of Mirror's Edge and Dead Space potential Disney Pictures projects. Disney could also send its IP in the direction of EA - future Pixar titles for example.

Source: videogamer.com


Veteran Member
Feb 1, 2008
South FL
Well, if they did this, they definitely couldn't brand Dead Space as a Disney movie. :lol:

As long as it doesn't affect any games or their quality, I'm fine with this (possibly) happening... How would Rock Band, which is a joint operation between EA and MTV fare if this happened?