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Halloween Horror Nights 33 (UOR) - Speculation & Rumors

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…if Insidious (or any of the IPs) have actually been dropped, I'd have to imagine they go for another IP? As much as I'd absolutely love it, I don't see them doing 7 originals.
I don’t see Insidious getting “dropped.” It’s relevant, marketable, and Universal has a good relationship with Blumhouse. That’s why IF something happened to it (which I still don’t know or really believe), it would have been a directed replacement.
I mean I kinda see them doing a third one because I now know that goblins, slaughter Sinema and museum will be in tents, major sweets will be in F&F and monstruos and triplets will be in soundstages. They just have to fix that and add the IPS wherever they're going.
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Brain and Jake shut my post down over in the Hollywood thread saying an IP was lost bc of a Twitter post that HNN agreed with. So I don’t think we should worry.
Chaos season has ARRIVED.

Like Legacy said, if Insidious was dropped it could have been a directed replacement. Like say, marketing comes to A&D and says "hey we just managed to get last minute rights to this big IP, scrap Insidious, we'll do it next year"

A house that no one would expect?
Omg for me that would have to be something along the lines of Scream or Friday the 13th at this point, with all the issues those have faced coming. I'm by no means starting rumors because the chances I think of those ever happening again or with Scream at all are slim, but man if they did woah!!! That would be the shock of the HHN century.
Coming in for a small sec to bring up; if Orlando ditches Insidious (and assuming here; it's a thing), what exactly does Hollywood do with it's Insidious house xD
I think just exactly what happened with Beetlejuice over here: It would now be an exclusive for that coast.

Well, no potential cold house with GB:FE then.

Though I'm fine with that news, since Insidious is an IP I'm excited for as Ghost Houses usually get me pretty good.
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