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Mako - 2016 SeaWorld Coaster


Feb 25, 2011
The pass member preview was great last night. :) Very well-organized. The ride was terrific, loved the airtime, and it was quite similar to Apollo's Chariot at BGW. That drop, though! Felt like SheiKra.

We only rode it once (2nd row), but DBF and I plan to ride it again soon with our free Quick Queue, next week.

Also, I know it was mentioned here, but it is a bit disappointing to not have modified seats for guests who need it. I am guessing Guest Services will get, or has gotten, a lot of complaints. We saw at least 3 guests having to leave the loading area due to this issue. Looks like you need at least 2 clicks from the restraint to be able to ride. Interestingly, towards the back of the loading area, on the wall, there is a screen that displays which restraints are secured and not. Seems like that would be something not displayed to guests, but I think it's cool to see, nevertheless.

Also, we saw Brian Morrow walking around, and we said hello to Bryan Nadeau. :)

Brian G.

Staff member
Jan 21, 2008
Orlando, FL
We are still here at Media event, already interviewed Brian Morrow. Trying to talk to Guy Harvey next.
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Aug 15, 2014
I talked to Brian Morrow yesterday about anything happening to the Shark Encounter. He said he approved some plans but it's nothing extensive and hasn't begun construction yet. Expect some replacement of old signage and updated facts.

Also, not everything is completed yet.