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Nintendo Coming to Universal Parks

Yeah if MIB went, I would be 100% ok with it if it was a Pokémon interactive ride replacing it.
I was told around the same time as the Fear Factor closing that MiB’s time was getting cut short too. All of that is D23 response.
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So, if this is the case, you'd hope they wait to close MIB once T2/Shrek replacement/MoM go live. IDK if USF can handle shutting MIB down before then
That would make sense. It also increases the likelihood of MoM being an interactive wand-shooter. Open MoM, leave MiB open for a quarter to disperse some of the initial crowds, then close what will (should) be a lesser version of the same genre attraction three/four months later not long before Mushroom Kingdom opens.
So, assuming this scuttlebutt is true...

2018: F&F
2019: T2 replacement (Shrek replacement?)
2020: MOM (Shrek replacement?)
2021: Super Nintendo World
2022: Pokémon
I suspect James Bourne to open first part of 2019 (before Memorial Day). The Shrek replacement (should) would be a late-summer opening in 2019.
Pics of a test track from S&S. Nothing in this tweet says this is for Nintendo, but the track sure looks like the rumored Donkey Kong patent.


Cool! Where did you find that pic? Twitter isn't loading in your post for me.
Looks like he deleted the tweet. Joseph (@josephpojunis) | Twitter is the person who posted the pics. There were 4 in all. Theres an update on it on screamscape, but he was asked to take down the pics as well. Guessing the guy took pics he shouldn't have and got in trouble.