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aka Hatetofly
Mar 16, 2010
Is that a highlight as in "omg this is so ridiculously lame but I love it any ways"?
I make sure to ride that every time, but my favorite attraction -- besides SkyZip -- is the Slidewinder. You didn't happen to ride it, did you? It's pretty hard to find, but it's incredibly fun.

Our skyzip was cut short due to a terrible storm, so I am pretty ticked about it. I have heard nothing but good things about it. We only had the one day there and the weather was terrible and forced us to miss several attractions we really wanted to see. We really liked Blazing Fury because well its so crappy its fun. We missed the slidewinder, daredevil falls, Dollywood Express, and Timber Tower to name a few. And my wife really wanted to see a show that was playing but I can't remember the name.


Mar 9, 2011
Orlando, FL
Hello everyone, my name is Joe, I work for Blue Man Group.

This is a pic of me and the wife with the guys in blue.

Me and actor Ray Park from Star Wars

Me and Jack sharing a fun moment... Crazy dude.
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Jun 7, 2010
Orlando, FL
Some pictures from my Spring Break trip to Universal!

Me: "Hey! What's up, Beetlejuice?"
BJ: "Hey babe, you married?"
Me: "I'm 17!"
BJ: "Oh... well, if you need a date for the prom, let me know- I smell like cheese but I'm a good dancer!"

Me and my little brother.

My little brother creepin' and hugging random kids at the Barney play area.

Beetlejuice picking up someone's baby.