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Six Flags Magic Mountain

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Six Flags had big plans for several of their parks to get major redesigns of their entrances which are long overdue. As usual they cut the budgets at the last minute.

Speaking of, there are rumors at Great Adventure of several rides being listed as "closed for the season" or have limited hours and days of operation posted. Supposedly it's part of across the board budget cuts by Six Flags. I wouldn't be surprised to see the same showing up at MM and I've heard the new ride is now on hold.

I'm guessing they have a bad quarterly report about to come out...
What was the new ride???
The reason they demolished Golden Bear Theater
Coaster said there was a new ride delayed. What was the ride? False information. There has been no information anywhere posted that a ride is coming to the demolished theater building.
What about the big ass construction wall literally saying new thrills are rolling in?
Exactly. Again, what ride are we getting? Just because it says thrills that means its a ride? Point is there has been no mention of a new ride. There are no permits or plans online. Just a building that was torn down and the stadium still there.
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What about the big ass construction wall literally saying new thrills are rolling in?
I want to give a snark comment but I do want to bring up; could the coaster say...get pushed to 2026?

Would be a SFMM thing to do if I've seen it; maybe the rainfall could've impacted Valencia and the park itself?
could the coaster say...get pushed to 2026?
Would be a SFMM thing to do if I've seen it
Would be very WCR... still can't believe that took so long.

If the coaster got delayed, doubt it was rain related, then they should at least add 2 flat rides & fully renovate existing areas.

They are doing some improvements, but they need more to honor the legacy of Wally World! Tired of the moose being out front.
Well crap. That's not until 2028 o_O

I would hope the park had an unexpected "glow up" by then. We've got no ride for 2024. That leaves 2025, 2026 & 2027 for new additions & major overhauls.
I think they’re missing a trick if they don’t also get something going in time for the World Cup, but I’m sure they’ve got it all figured out.
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With the merger and Cedar Fair essentially taking control, there could be all kinds of changes in the works. I'm guessing they are evaluating plans now for when the merger is complete and will make changes to priorities of both the Six Flags and Cedar Fair parks accordingly when they can.
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Okay my mental geography is crapping out on me. I see X2 in the distance. So is this the gas station at the bottom of the hill?
Had the same thought. I believe it’s the old gas station that was adjacent to the parking lot and kennel. IMG_3452.jpeg
Okay wow. My sense of direction is so out of whack lol.. SFMM's property isn't complicated, but that somehow confused me :eyes:

Does SFMM own that land?

*honestly would make for a nice hotel spot*
They could benefit from an on-site hotel, but if it's like the park, it'd be half closed most of the time..

I see backstage space & flat parking lot and automatically think "expansion" cross my mind, but we'd need the current park to operate & function properly first