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Six Flags Magic Mountain

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They were working on Wonder Woman today

Also, some strange construction in the parking lots that don't seem related to the solar panels. While I have no clue, some people have guessed it may be for car charging stations. Anyone else have any ideas?
Electric vehicle chargers are definitely part of this project, but I'm not sure that's what we're looking at here. It could be piping for cables to carry electrical power into the large batteries they're building.
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While I left the park in the early afternoon, when I checked the app later in the day, it did seem Wonder Woman did reopen today. We'll see if it lasts... as I recall, it opened for a brief time during Scream Break, then promptly closed again until seemingly now

I initially heard there was a malfunction with the trains, but I’ve heard the issue was they found a crack in the steel frame of the actual track.
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Anyone heard of the rumor NOES coming to FF this year?
trixie and katya yes GIF by THE TRIXIE & KATYA SHOW
First Details on the event 5 heroes and 3 Villains (no idea why Riddle is not apart of this)

1 Parade show? and other shows. Hope its a fun event, excited to see what they do.

Exclusive Character Meet & Greets​

Meet your favorite DC heroes and villains up close with special appearances by iconic characters including BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, SUPERMAN, THE JOKER, HARLEY QUINN, CATWOMAN and more.​

DC Super Hero Cavalcade​

As the sun dips behind the towering buildings and coasters of DC UNIVERSE, a symphony of lights ignites the night sky, heralding the arrival of iconic figures. Leading the charge of the event’s opening celebration, the legendary trinity – BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN and SUPERMAN – exuding an aura of unwavering heroism. Following close behind, a legion of heroes, from the scarlet speedster FLASH and teenage crusader SUPERGIRL.​

BATMAN's 85th Anniversary Celebration​

Each night, join the Mayor of Gotham City and special guests, SUPERMAN and WONDER WOMAN, in the celebration of the caped-crusader BATMAN.​

Amidst the glory, shadows lurk and from the depths of darkness emerge the nefarious villains, lead by the menacing JOKER and HARLEY QUIINN.​

Femme Fatales​

Prepare to be enthralled by the enigmatic allure and dangerous charm of Gotham’s most notorious femmes fatales in this electrifying showcase. As the stage ignites with a sultry ambiance, the captivating presence of HARLEY QUINN and her mischievous grin mesmerize the audience, blurring the lines between chaos and charisma. As the shadows deepen and the music pulses with a tantalizing rhythm, Femme Fatales promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of darkness, where danger and desire collide in a spell bounding spectacle of villainous elegance.​

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Anyone heard of the rumor NOES coming to FF this year?
I had not heard this, but if true (and even if it isn't), it's quite the move for SF to be honing into IP territory. They must've seen pretty big returns from Saw and Conjuring.

If this does mean they get bigger budgets, I'm all for it. In relation to other FF mazes, I thought Saw was pretty good.
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Went to the Park yesterday.....tried to use the Fast lane to park...the gate never opened

So had to drive to a normal gate and the TM told me "yeah, doesn't always work"

Like WTF, this is why I left my pass before...Six Flags just many times can't operate as advertised. Like cool if the tech doesn't work but if I'm paying for an AP and its a perk, not a fan of "well sometimes it works"
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Don't know if it's still there, but if you're driving from the SCV going south on the 5, not long after Lyons Ave, you can still see the original billboard up for the opening of Knott's Mystery Lodge!Crazy to see a 30 year old billboard up there!
It's still there! Really awesome.
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I'm excited to see people's thoughts on this....for me this is about what I expected. Hearing Superman should be coming out this weekend